Lacy’s Journal

Craig asked me why I’ve been so stand offish with him.  I told him I found his porn stash and how it pissed me off because he couldn’t find the time to be with me but he had all the time to jerk off in front of the computer to pictures of women I’ll never look like.  He told me it was just that one time, he felt aroused and I was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake me up.  What??? He couldn’t wait til the next night when I was awake?  He had to get himself off while I stay frustrated???? Grrrrrr.. sometimes he really pisses me off.  I told him that I missed us and would like to have a date night with him this weekend, but I got “well Saturday I have to work and Sunday is the Superbowl so can we do it the next weekend? Thanks babe”…Nothing is working… I’ve told him straight out.

I’ve had lunch with Jackson everyday this week!  It wasn’t planned, it just kinda happened.  He’s got court tomorrow though so he said we’ll have to miss our daily routine..which means I won’t see him until Monday now!  It’s so easy to talk to him.  He listens to everything I say and actually hears me!  It’s a nice change.  It makes me miss the day’s Craig actually heard me.  I really do miss the relationship Craig and I had, but I’m so thankful that Jackson and I have become friends.  He’s quickly becoming one of my best friends!


Sorry, my phone went off.  Jackson texting me, telling me to try to sleep well and don’t go to bed angry.  He’s just so caring!  I will admit that I get a little giddy when he’s around.  He makes me feel young, and attractive.  He’s just so damn sexy!  I know I know… back away.  I won’t do anything.. it’s just a lil innocent crush.  I mean if Craig can look at naked girls online, then I can have a little innocent crush!  Turnabout’s fair play.

Oh, I forgot.  Beckie got fired.  She was sleeping with the boss and the bosses wife found out!  She was gone with a quickness.  Thank God.. the other ladies there are all older and not as nosey.


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