A New National Holiday


It seems to me that they now have holidays for everything… from Grandparents Day to National Wear Red day to Arbor day.. okay so not all of those are “National” holidays but still.. they have holidays for everything now a days… so why don’t we have the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday a National Holiday?  I mean they don’t start the game until 6 in the evening and it goes on until whenever and you know most people are out at parties or are having parties so they are drinking and eating and having fun until the wee hours of the mornings.  I think it would only be right if our Government stepped and finally did something right and passed a bill claiming it so!  What do you think?  Maybe if we started a petition and had enough people to sign it they would do it?????


BTW.. GO 49’ERS!!!!!


4 thoughts on “A New National Holiday

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