My crush of the Month for February.. <3

Hey guys.. I know I haven’t posted in a few days and I’m a couple of days late on my crush of the month post and I know you’ve all be waiting so patiently to find who gets the honor this month… and for that i”m sorry.  I have been walking around like a Zombie for the last couple of days.  I’ve not gotten more then an hours sleep for the a few night and just didn’t have the energy to a) think of anything to type and b) actually do the typing.  But last night I got a full nights sleep and although my neck hurts from sleeping so hard for so long in the wrong position.. I feel revived and creative.. so here ya go!!

My crush of the month for February is none other then my own resident star.. ROBERT NELSON.. that’s right.  It’s my husband.  You know him from his blog, and if you don’t you should,

list5This is him in the desert on deployment.. omg.. look how friggin sexy he is in that uniform!  Dont you just want to eat him up?  Well too bad, only I get too.. lol

My husband is a strange confusing mixture of order and chaos.  I guess you could says his chaos is at least in alphabetical order.  He’s literally wishing and hoping for the Zombie Apocalypse to happen (which if it does I’m blaming him for it and he’ll spend the rest of his days apologizing for it so he really should quit hoping for it to happen).  He loves scary gory movies, the gorier the better.  He owns over a thousand movies, and yes they are all in alphabetical order and yes I am tempted all the time to rearrange them!  The only reason I haven’t is because he told me once his ex wife did that he didn’t find it funny and frankly I don’t want to be “similar” to her in any way shape or form!  He loves music, his favorite I do believe is the 80’s rock because he always listens to it.  Although he does really like Hollywood Undead.   He’s a flirt even though he swore to me when we were dating that he never ever flirted with anyone.  He did he just didn’t realize that’s what he was doing.  Now that I’ve pointed it out to him and “taught” him the ways.. he’s a master at it.  I’d say the student has almost surpassed the teacher.. but yeah.. that’s not happening!

My pimp daddy

My pimp daddy


He has a severely warped sense of humor and is probably going to hell for it.  I know if I want to make him laugh all I have to do is crack a very distasteful joke and he’ll be rolling.  He loves to write himself little list for everything.. I swear he keeps post it notes in business. This one was one of my all time favorite notes he’s ever left me (and let me tell you, he’s left me hundreds of them)

gotta love that last thing on the list

gotta love that last thing on the list

Our first weekend we ever spent together was amazing.  Full of laughter and fun and yeah sex.  He’ll tell you that I had him naked in 10 minutes but he won’t tell you that he had me naked that fast too!  We toured the seedier parts of Houston like Mexican Gangsta Ville, we tried to have lunch at Hooters but they weren’t open, we saw a movie had a great seafood dinner… we packed at least 4 days worth of stuff into about 30 hours!  Sleep wasn’t one of them.  That was the first time I ever told him I loved him, and I was too scared to actually say the words so I wrote him a note and slipped it into his backpack to find when he either was on the plane home or back at home.  He said he cried when he saw it.  I knew that weekend we were on the road to marriage, I just didn’t realize it was going to take as long as it did.

Our first weekend together

Our first weekend together

Even though we’ve literally been through hell and back over the last 3 1/2 years of marriage, 5 years of dating we are still together.  The world seems to want us to fail but we refuse to.  One day his ex will be done and out of our lives and since she’s the biggest problem when she’s gone we will finally have the chance to be happy and enjoy each other.  I love him with all of my heart, that much I do know.  He drives me crazy and I”m sure I drive him hopelessly insane but.. we said til death do us part and this time we are both going to stick by that!

So for this month, the month of love I chose my husband to be my crush of the month.  I love you baby.   Your MY Superman and you always will be.

Us now

Us now




13 thoughts on “My crush of the Month for February.. <3

  1. You do drive me insane but I love you anyway and it is till death do us part, so thank you for gettting me into the ID channel…LOL

  2. Thank you baby, I did not expect to make your crust of the month, not yet anyway since you were doing celebrities and I’m not one YET. I do appreciate it though.

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