Lacy’s Journal

Oh my.. I feel so bad.  I never watch the news so I had no idea of knowing but Jackson was shot while on Duty Saturday.  That’s why he didn’t reply to my texts.  He’s in the hospital recovering.  He pulled over a car that was being driven by a guy who beat his wife up and shot her and when he walked up to the backside of the car the guy opened fire and got him in the left shoulder.

Police downtown

Police downtown (Photo credit: Toban B.)

I found out about it yesterday when I got to work, Debra told me.  I think the fact that I had no clue what had happened has squashed the “talk” in the office.  I went to the hospital during lunch to see him, thankfully he’s doing well.  I broke into tears when I saw him laying there.  I kept apologizing that I didn’t know and he just kinda laughed.  He said it was okay really.  When I told him I’d been texting him he said he lost his phone somewhere during the whole incident and hadn’t got a new one yet.

He’s suppose to be getting out today or tomorrow and has to do physically therapy for a few weeks before he’ll be allowed to return to active duty and in about a week or so he’ll be on desk duty for awhile, which he hates.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings though, I don’t have to worry about him sitting at a desk!



I hugged him when I left.. I didn’t mean too.. I was just so relieved that he was okay and not dying.  It kinda took us both by surprise.  It felt so… wrong but right.. does that make sense?  Anyways.. I’ll be going to see him again today during lunch and I told him I’d take him home from the hospital if he needed a ride and he said he did so… I guess when they release him I’ll be his cabbie!  I baked him some peanut butter cookies to brighten his day.  He’s told me before they are his favorite and he mentioned how horrible the hospital food was so this should cheer him up.

I did tell Craig about it, well not going to visit him or that we are friends… just that the security guard for the bldg next to mine was shot on duty and that I knew him a little bit.  He just shrugged his shoulders and said “well it’s good he’s not dead I guess”.   He’s just so concerned with my life outside of his..  He didn’t ask me anything about him.  Then he went to the TV and fell asleep in his chair.  I guess some things never change.


6 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. She needs to stay away. Before you know it she’ll be kissing him where it “hurts” He’s going to sucker her in. Stay away Lacy stay away!

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