Lacy’s Journal

Okay, so I went and saw Jackson again this afternoon.  I left work early, told them I had an emergency at my daughters school.  My sick pay should cover it so my check won’t be any lower.  I spent the afternoon keeping him company and laughing, meeting his cop friends.  They are a crazy group of people.  A few of them asked if I was his girlfriend, I told them no just a friend.  They gave me the “Uh-huh” looks.  It was funny. He inhaled the entire batch of cookies… he asked when I could make him more.  Anyways he’s getting out tomorrow so I’m going to just call out sick, tell them my daughter is sick so I can take him home……

Craig called and said he wouldn’t be home to late for dinner.  Who know’s what he’s doing, he’s worked there 11 years and never worked late..why now?



12 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. Am I missing the point or is Lacy just a bit of a bitch at this point? After Craig gave her all she wanted, she still sees this Jackson dude?

    And now she lies to her employers as well??? WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE IS THIS WOMAN SETTING FOR OUR CHILDREN????

    Just kidding…

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