Lacy’s Journal

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!  So I went to bed last night at 11 and Craig wasn’t home yet.. when I woke up at 4:30 he still wasn’t home!!!!!  I called his cell several times, called his desk phone and no answer!  I was scared to death something bad happened.  I was ready to call the police when he pulled into the driveway at 5:40 this morning.  He came through the door apologizing telling me he fell “asleep” at his desk.  When I told him I called his cell he said it was on silent so he didn’t hear it.  When I said I tried his desk phone his response was “They must turn the ringers off at night because no phone rang at all the entire night”.  WTF!!!  Does he think I’m completely stupid?????  He’s never stayed late at work before and now he’s there all damn night.  I am so freaking pissed off.. he is up to something.  His story sounded like complete and total bullshit!  He tried to give me a hug and a kiss but fuck that.  Don’t touch me when I’m pissed off.  I couldn’t wait to get out of this house this morning!  I’m glad he didn’t know I was taking a personal day, that way I didn’t have to hang around.. I got dressed and left at my normal time.

I decided to go get breakfast before heading to the hospital.  I figured he wouldn’t be up and dressed yet anyways and well.. when I’m upset I eat.  So it was Denny’s Grand Slam for me and yes, I ate all the pancakes!  I got to the hospital and surprisingly he was up, dressed and ready to go.  I guess Police Officers dont have to wait like normal people!  So I got him in the car and he pointed me in the right direction!  I could not believe my eye’s when we drove up to his house!  It’s about 20 miles outside of town, it’s a turn of the century farm house, completely restored to the original design.  It’s absolutely breath taking!  All the windows have deep sills and has beautiful oak Wainscoting throughout the entire house!  There’s stained glass windows in the small round window’s on the top floor and stained glass transoms over every door!  It’s 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  The living room has a huge fireplace and so does the Master Bedroom and the one bedroom on the opposite side of the house.  The kitchen has a huge island in the middle.  The only newer thing he’s added is a pizza oven built into the wall in the kitchen.  He said he just couldn’t live there if he couldn’t make a proper pizza.  Then he laughed when he realized he wouldn’t be making one for it was kinda funny.

Streetsville, Ontario, Canada: Our House and a...

Streetsville, Ontario, Canada: Our House and a Copy (Photo credit: bill barber)

We weren’t there for 10 minutes before he asked me what was wrong.  I tried to tell him nothing but he said he could tell I was upset about something.  I told him I didn’t want to burden him, that he was in enough pain but he wouldn’t drop it.  So I told him.  Then I broke down into tears.  I just was so upset and had been trying to hold it in but I couldn’t.  He came over and wrapped his good arm around me and let me just get it all out.  When I finally pulled myself together he told me he’d go kick Craig’s ass if I wanted him too.  He said I was much to special to be treated any less then so.  I told him how Craig just did all those special things this past weekend and how I thought things were getting better.  He got a funny look on his face and I asked him what that was about.  He tried to tell me nothing but turn about is fair play and I made him talk.  He said “you know you’ve told me how distant he’s been and how lonely you’ve been, then suddenly he does something amazing then stays out all night… That sounds to me like someone who was feeling guilty then felt like they made up for it.”  He said he wasn’t saying that Craig was defiantly cheating on me, but he’s behaving like a guilty person.  He also said he could have some of his work buddies keep an “eye” on Craig for me if I wanted him too.  I told him no, that wasn’t necessary but honestly now he’s got me thinking.  Craig has been acting so different for awhile now.  Then there was Saturday.. and now this.  Something is off.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and talking.  We tried to play cards but his pain meds kicked in and he was ready for some sleep.  So I helped him up to his bed, gave him his pain meds and left when his partner came over to check on him.  He told me not to worry about him tonight but I am.  He’s all alone in that big house and in pain.  I hope he’s okay.  I think I’ll go text him and check up on him.  As for my husband.. I’m not talking to him.  He of course was home on time and “overly” attentive but I told him he could sleep at his desk.  Seriously.. how would he feel if that would of been me??  He’d be pissed big time!


6 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. Obviously he fell asleep at his desk and his phone was on silent. I put mine on silent all the time. And as for the office phone maybe they did turn off the ringers and if they didn’t it is possible he just slept through it and didn’t hear it because he was so exhausted from working so late. She is passing judgement without any facts.

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