Don’t like it, Change it!

What is the big freaking deal?  I just don’t understand why people get so freaking worked up over things that “offend” them.  Now wait, let me explain this before you get all “Offended”.. hehe see what I did there???

Now if you see a news story about how someone has hurt a child or killed somebody else for some minute reason like, they looked at them the wrong way, or how an animal hoarder has 375 puppies living in cages, yeah you get upset, you get offended, you get fired up to do something about it.  This is not what I’m talking about at all.  Those are valid reasons.  I’m talking about things like, TV show’s that you don’t like, Radio programs you don’t like, people’s Facebook statuses ect.  Why in the hell do people get so freaking ANGRY and feel it is their duty and theirs alone to get whatever show yanked off the air, or whatever DJ’s fired or tell someone how Offensive or Negative their (that’s the KEY word) Facebook Status update is?  It’s really an easy fix for this…


I know I know… it’s a hard concept but.. it’s really that easy!  You don’t like what’s on TV?  Change the channel.. *GASP*.  There are now several HUNDRED other channels to chose from.  There is no one sitting there beside you with a gun to your head forcing you to watch it!  For instance.. I freaking HATE.. yeah I know that’s a harsh word but I stand by it.. I freaking HATE “Here Come’s Honey Boo Boo”… that woman is disgusting, her kids are gross, she should be arrested for child abuse and that father always looks stoned out of his head!  But hey… they are making millions off of people so more power to them.  They aren’t making any off of me cause I refuse to watch it!  See how easy that is?

Let me give you another example.  Out here in Northern Virginia there is a radio show called “Elliot in the Morning“.  The show itself isn’t bad.  They talk about some interesting things, they crack jokes and so on.  The only thing that gets me is the host Elliot is rude, he doesn’t let people finish talking and I can’t stand his laugh!  He doesn’t even like his own laugh because he’s made comments about it.  So… guess what?   I don’t listen to him either!  Why? Cause there are several other show’s in the morning that I don’t have issue’s with, and if I had something like Sirius Radio I’d have hundreds of other things I could listen too, but I don’t so I can’t.  But I do have CD’s, those are those little round disks that have music on them and you can even burn them to have the only songs YOU like on them.. I know.. it’s freaking Amazing, isn’t it?  That way I don’t even have to listen too DJ’s at all!  *GASP AGAIN*!


My final rant is the Facebook issues.  I’m always seeing posts that are “Copied & Pasted” with little messages like “Facebook isn’t a place to post about your personal problems!  Not everyone wants to see them or read about your bitching and moaning” blah blah blah.  Correct me if I am wrong but, ummm.. isn’t someone’s Facebook Page THEIR FREAKING PAGE TO POST WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TOO??????  Again there is nobody holding a gun to anyone elses head saying “READ IT.. READ IT.. READ THAT STATUS.. NOW COMMENT ON IT OR ELSE”….I myself have been blasted several times for either being too negative in my posts (I’m bi-polar and I get down.. get over it) and I’ve been blasted for showing pictures of half naked men (even had a relative delete me because of this)… Umm.. since when is against the law to show a man w/ his shirt off?  I mean these guy’s aren’t naked, but they do look damn good and I enjoy seeing them!  I’ve even been told that I should not post foul language on my page because there are children who see it.. UMMMM… don’t let your kids see my page.  Ya know.. I have over 500 friends on my FB and I literally know in person at least half of them (I swear my entire HS graduating class is on there) and there are a whole lot of them that I get totally annoyed with their “OMG my life is so perfect let me tell you about how my perfect angelic children not only make straight A’s and play every sport but have been hand picked by the President himself to lead the All American Perfect Children Society and my spouse has been named Person of the Year by People Magazine and are currently up for the Nobel Peace Prize” or the “I have no money, no life, nobody loves me, I can’t buy this or that, I think I’m going to die because my husband hates me, my kids hate me, the dog even hates me” and then follows that up with “I have the greatest husband in the world, he’s taking me to France for 15 days next month and the kids are all great telling me how much they love me and even the dog came up and licked me” followed by “Nobody loves me, I swear I should just kill myself”.. (talk about bi-polar)… but instead of bitching at them and berating them because of their emotions I simply either offer kind words to help (until they constantly tell me how that won’t work) or I… yup.. HIDE THEIR UPDATES!!  It is possible.  You don’t have to delete them and then try to explain to them when they message you why.. just hide their updates…then you never see what they are posting, they are happy that they haven’t been deleted.. it’s a win/win situation!

It really is that simple.  If you don’t like it.. change the channel, station, hide the updates whatever.  If it’s not something that is physically hurting people or animals it’s just something you may not like or approve of… don’t watch it.  I am a live and let live kind of person.  If your gay and want to be married to your spouse.. go ahead.. who am I to say no, your not allowed to love legally?  If you want to post on your FB whatever you want.. who am I to tell you no?  I mean if you post illegal things FB will catch it and or the authorities and you’ll pay for it anyways.  If your not breaking any laws and your not hurting anyone then I’m not going to tell you to stop.  It’s time people just chill the fuck out!  There are so many more issue’s that we should be getting riled up over, like the jobless rate, the price of gas and groceries, our soldiers, our Government trying to take over everything, whatever will replace the Twinkie???  I mean c’mon already!

This is Shannygirl and this has been my rant!  Don’t like it, don’t read it.. if ya did like it though.. feel free to comment on it, reblog it or talk about it at the water cooler.. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Don’t like it, Change it!

  1. Get your point! Quite a few times, have this problem, one of which is someone filed a complaint against me about some of my postings on Pinterest. I didn’t offend them, this is my pin board. I didn’t force them to visit my pin board.

    • Exactly.. just ticks me off that people feel the need to get others in trouble because they don’t like it.. damn.. just don’t look at it if it bothers you.. it’s that simple.

  2. Reblogged this on ekisjan and commented:
    When I first read this post I thought: This is common sense! Come on people. Then I realized, common sense is not all that common. Thanks for sharing Shannygirl

    • lol.. I just get so frustrated.. I mean damn.. I’m not gonna lie and say my life is perfect.. and I’m not going to flip flop and talk about how great it is to how bad it is in 4 mins… I’m consistently pessimistic. or a realist I should say.

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