The Walking Dead Review

The long awaited return of the BEST SHOW EVER!!!

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I know how you have all missed my reviews… I’ve missed writing them.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching it.

It starts out brother against brother… Daryl vs Merle… Andrea tries to step in and help but Phillip says it’s too late, the people have spoken!  Merle starts out by beating the hell out of Daryl but when Darryl confronts him and asks if he believes the asshole will let him leave Merle tells him to follow his lead.  Together they go against the walkers that are brought in to bite them.  Suddenly shots ring out from a distance taking the zombies out.  Team Rick is there, trying to save them.  A small boy is killed in the chaos and Andrea picks up the boys gun.    Phillip walks through the smoke completely emotionless.  Hmmmm

They all get out and follow Darryl out of the fence around the city.  There are walkers everywhere, however they left the gate open to the city and a walker see’s it.  Morning comes with Michonne and Glen waiting.  Michonne and Glen have guns pointed Merle and they are trying to kill him.  Merle tells them that Andrea is there in the city getting the wood laid real good by the Governor.  Merle calls them a bunch of pussies and Rick knocks him out with the butt of his gun and calls him an asshole.  LOVE IT.

At the prison Hershel is doctoring one of the new gangs legs.  They are discussing the baby and asks where the mother is, everyone gets quiet.  They are discussing how they’ve survived for so long.  Hershel tells Tyrese to not get too comfortable here, that they are a tight knit group.

They are back to Rick and the gang.  They are discussing Merle and Michonne.  They are telling Daryl that he is blood and family to them but Merle is not.  Darryl tells them that he will leave if Merle can’t stay.  Rick tells him there has to be another way, Darryl tells him to not ask him to leave Merle.  They leave into the woods but I think he’ll be back.  Rick tells Michonne they will atch her up and she is gone.

Back to the prison where they are taking that new groups dead woman outside to bury her.  The one guy is trying to talk the rest into stealing the gun from Carl and Carol.  Tyrese is telling them this isn’t what they do.

when Rick and them are on their way back to the prison they come up on a truck in the road w/ a tree knocked over.  Glen opens the door and there’s a walker in the truck.  He pulls it out and stomps the walker to death.  Glen is confronting Rick about not killing Merle.  Glen is very angry that Rick didn’t kill him knowing what Merle did to Maggie, and he’s very upset that Darryl left.    Maggie says they can talk about it after they rest but Glen says he’s done talking.

Back to the city, it’s chaos as people are trying to get out.  They are blowing their horns and screaming to let them out.  Andrea steps in and tries to calm everyone down.  She goes face to face with a henchmen.  Screams erupt from the back side of the town where there are walkers biting and killing some of the towns people.  One of the women in the city is asking for someone to help him, that’s when Phillip comes out and puts a bullet in the guys head then turns and walks away, leaving everyone stunned.

Back at the prison, Carol and Carl are standing outside talking.  Carl mentions it’s quiet and Carol starts talking about how noisey the world used to be.  Kinda makes you think how much we would miss if this ever truly happened.  They start talking about Lorri and Carol says his mama was so proud of him, and he said of what “How mean I use to be to her?”….   Carol see’s Darryl is gone and asks where he is.  Rick tells her that he’s alright that they ran into Merle and they left.  You can see she’s truly upset.  You feel sorry for Carol, she’s lost everyone and she really loves Darryl.  I still say Darryl will be back.

Back to the city, Andrea follows Phillip into his apartment.  She’s getting on to him about shooting the guy and walking away, that he needs to talk to them.  He’s not going to talk to them, he says it’s over.  He’s telling Andrea about Glen and Maggie now after she asks about why Darryl was here.  When she asks about her friends being there and he tells her how her “friends” shot and killed 8 good people.  Now he’s telling her she is just a visitor here, just passing through, that’s why he didn’t tell her anything.  She tells him not to push her out.

Back to the prison.  Herschel and Rick are talking.  Ricks telling him about what happened in the city with Merle and Darryl.  Herschel tells Rick about the new people.  I must say.. Rick looks good!!!  Damn Good….he walks through the prison and goes right past the new group into their wing.   He goes and picks up the baby who starts crying.  I think he’s thinking it’s Shane’s baby.

Back to the city.  The dr is telling them how the biters have been taking care of and the fences are repaired.  The people are not calming down.  Andrea tells them how they’ve all suffered and how it’s never going to be the same again, ever.   She tells them that they dig deep and work together and rebuild.  How they will write about Woodbury in the history books.  She’s manged to calm everyone down.

Back to the prison.  Carol and the girl.. I can never remember her name, is talking about the baby and Darryl.  Carol is telling her how men like Merle get into your head and make you feel like you deserve the abuse.  True words.  She tells Carol that she’s pissed at Darryl for leaving but Carol tells her not to be.. that men like Darryl have a code, then lays the baby into a mail bin with “lil asskicker” written on the side of it.  Herschel is cleaning up Glen when Maggie walks up and looks at him.  She walks away and Herschel asks if they are alright.  Herschel thanks him for looking out for her and says he’s going to go check on her, then tells him that Glen is like his own son.  He goes down to Maggie to check her out.  She asks if Glen is alright and he tells her to go see.  She doesn’t move so he sits down beside her.  He asks her what happened.  He’s telling her how she reminds him of her mother.  He tells her “don’t disappear on him”.

Glen will be on the Talking Dead tonight following the episode.  The fact that Lorri has YET to be on that show still tells me she’s coming back as a walker.  Her time is not done yet.

Back to the prison, Michonne is out hard.  Herschel is telling Rick it will be a few days before she can leave.  Carol is talking to  the other prisoner about Oscar.  Rick tells him they he went out fighting.  They are discussing how the governor is coming and they are out numbered.  The group goes into the other room to talk to the new people, Tyrese, Sascha, Alec and Ben.  Rick asks him how they got in and Carl tells him he helped them there.  Tyrese is telling Rick that they will help, do anything.  Rick keeps telling them no.  Rick tells them they’ve been through this before and look how it turned out.  He tells them he can’t be responsible and Tyrese tells him if you turn them out he will be responsible.  Herschel is telling Rick that he is wrong, that he has to give them a chance.  Rick see’s that he is out numbered in the faces of everyone.  Then he see’s Lorri standing in the window in a white dress!!!!  I told you all her character wasn’t done.  Nobody listens to me!!!  He’s asking her why is she there, what does she want from him.  He’s screaming at her to get out.  Everyone is leaving.  They aren’t sure what’s going on with him.  I LOVE being right!

All in all it was a good episode.  No jaw dropping but still good.  I can’t wait til the next one but I know the season is going to end soon!!!


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