2 More Reason’s to Hate Valentines Day

One holiday a fat girl hates more then any is…. Valentines Day!  It’s truly just a Hallmark holiday that was created in an office some where to just make money.  Some CEO was sitting at his desk one day and thought.. ya know after Christmas we really don’t have another money making holiday until what, Easter?  Well that’s just too long sirs.. we must create a day in between Christmas and Easter that we can capitalize on and make the masses spend hoards of money trying to compete with one another to “out do” the next guy and leave them feeling inadequate if they don’t.  That way the next year they buy even more crap to try to prove how much the love their g/f or b/f.  Its a vicious vicious cycle that will never be broken until you get to a point in your life where you realize you just don’t need that shit.  What you need is a man/woman who will show you on a random Tuesday in September that they not only love you but need you, worship you, desire you and hang on every word you say.  Okay, I know that’s pushing it but you get the point.  I was one of those fat girls who didn’t get the flowers or the candy or the stuffed animals or the damn jewelry (damn those precious pretty stones that I desire so but just don’t get to have)!!!  No, instead I got nothing in High School and then when I got older and married I had not 1 but 2 husbands who told me I was too fat and didn’t need the candy… so I gave up on it.  Fast forward and now I’m married to a man who promises me the world, unfortunately though he has the wallet of beggar and can’t even afford to buy me a globe!  So I’ve decided that I hate this holiday with a true and total passion.. and this past week has added to it all.477521_10150579404982227_1906979205_o

First off, my son who is 15 1/2 decided to write a poem for a girl and give it to her for Valentines Day.  The other morning he was all set to give it to her when he said reality crashed in on him and he decided not too.  When I asked him what he meant by that he said ” Well, I have acne all over my face, I have a belly and I’m different.  No girl wants me”…. knife to the heart… and sadly right now he’s right.  My son is a very handsome young man who is very bright but he is special needs and will always be my square peg in the round world.  High School is so hard for anyone but even harder for a special kid.  I know that one day he will find his match, and fall in love and she will love him for who he is, but until then he is going to feel alone and this stupid holiday will make him feel even worse!!!  Damn stupid hallmark holiday!

Second reason… My baby girl!  She is 10 going on 21!  She’s full of life and love and has such an amazing white light about her!  She is my miracle baby and continue’s to amaze me with her beauty both inside and out!  I look at her and I’m amazed that she comes from me.  She has an over abundance of self esteem(thank God) but I have no idea where she got it from because it damn sure didn’t come from me and she hasn’t been around her biological dad long enough to learn anything from him.  I’d say she gets it from her step father but she’s been this way since birth!  Well she’s always talking about her “crush” and let me tell you friends, that changes almost daily for her!  Lord help me!  Well today she came home and showed me the stuffed teddy bear and fake rose she got from Adam, a little boy that she’s crushing on and even bought him a rose at school yesterday.  When I told her she should be proud of it and asked to let me take a picture she said no, it was embarrassing.  I got her to let me take the pic as long as I promised not to put it on Facebook, so I did… I did not however promise not to put it on WordPress!

Already getting VD gifts from boys.. and she's only 10

Already getting VD gifts from boys.. and she’s only 10


Then she produces this small little stuffed pig animal and proceeds to tell me how this other little boy gave her that the other day and how jealous he was when she got the other stuff today!  And then she whispers to me “I have 10 boys at school that friends have told me like me”…. STOP THE WORLD PLEASE… I’m not ready for this.  I’m not ready for her to like boys, and wanna date them and getting gifts from them.  Man I’m getting old, and getting there quickly!

So to you VALENTINES DAY.. I say screw you!  You’ve ruined my month of February for ohhh 30 years or so… I wish you were like that whiny friend that no one wanted to stay with them and would just go away!  I hate you Hallmark.. I hate you Valentines Day..



19 thoughts on “2 More Reason’s to Hate Valentines Day

  1. Awww. I agree on one point. People shouldn’t RESERVE their shows of love and affection for Valentine’s day. Having said that, I feel a little bit differently about the holiday. I’ve always seen it as the “go the extra mile for your loved one” day. It doesn’t have to be fancy…in fact, this year it’s my hubby’s favorite pizza. But it’s a day to have a little private party for two…even if there are no “things” involved.

      • Me too. Their age is really hard right now. I always tell him it gets better and the things that are so important right now won’t be so big later. Everything happens for a reason. It doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt any less at the time though. Jared just got out of a 5 month relationship and I can remember those days and how bad it hurts. One day they will find that someone special!

  2. I have rarely got anything on Valentines. Even from my kids. It wasn’t until I got with you that I started getting something every year from you and Shelby. Valentines was always a day I had to do something for someone else not the other way around. With that said, I don’t hate the holiday. It just makes me want to hope I can do better the next year.

  3. Valentines day pisses me off because it was made up just so people would spend money on other people. If you love someone, then Valentines day should not be necessary. I also hate how people say “Valentimes” day… I’m just betting my boss will call it that… he is a total dick. But off the topic there! Yes, Valentine’s day…. hmmmm

  4. Bah Humbug!! Works just as well on Valentines day as it does on Xmas day!!!
    Ignore it like I do!! Your son is gonna get a babe when its time, that loves him for him. As for your Little Angel, she will hold out for the right one as she knows she can have her pick.
    I love you XXXXXXXXXX

  5. I have a pretty good litmus test for any couple: if Valentine’s Day is a big deal, you’re probably shallow and / or one or both of you is insecure and you’re trying to convince yourselves your relationship is a good thing for you. You shouldn’t have to have an excuse to celebrate each other, and it shouldn’t have to be elaborate and forced because everyone else is doing it. My girlfriend and I will be going out on the 14th, but only because it’s our regular date nite and it just happens to fall on the holiday. We did get gifts but nothing more elaborate that the things we normally get each other on occassion.

    And it just sucks for people who are single, that reminder that hey, you can’t really participate in this ‘holiday’ because clearly, you’re not ‘trying hard enough’ or ‘there’s something wrong with you’. Ignoring the whole deal as much as you can makes it better for everyone.

    • I agree and that’s kinda the point of this posts. This is purely a Hallmark Holiday that was created to make $$$.. .nothing more. My husband now has gone way above needed to make me like this holiday, and I love him for it but honestly.. I love him more for the pans he bought me last week because I couldn’t find them in Kohls so he came home and ordered them… and for the list of things he keeps of things that I’ve mentioned in the past I’d like so he can one day buy them for me. He bought me several Godzilla movies for Christmas because I mentioned one lazy Saturday afternoon how much I love to catch a good old Godzilla movie on TV on a rainy afternoon….. I don’t need him to buy me candy (that I can’t eat anyways) and flowers that costs a fortune and just die and jewelry we can’t afford for me to know he loves me. He does so much more every day of the year. This year I bought him a Walking Dead Shirt for V day (already gave it to him so it’s not going to be a spoiler if he reads this)…. and he’s ecstatic.

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