Lacy’s Journal

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to write.  Craig has been hovering over me lately.  I can’t find a minute alone anymore.  If it’s it not Craig it’s one of the kids.  I’m writing this in the bathroom right now, it’s the only way I could get any freedom to write it.  I told Craig that Jackson had invited us to his housewarming party.  When I explained to him that I’d mentioned Jackson to him before he acted like I was nuts.  I know I told him about him.  Anyways, I explained that he is a security guard in the building at work and invited several people from the building.  Ever since I told him he’s been hovering.  It’s weird, he’s hovering wanting to see every thing I write or every time my phone goes off who it is but still very distance when it comes to sex or intimacy. I can’t figure him out.


Today is Valentines Day and we aren’t doing anything for it.  In fact he’s in there watching TV with the kids.  I told him Happy Valentines Day and gave him a card and he told me that he was so very sorry that he’d totally forgot to get to the store with work being so crazy and all.  Whatever.  I’m over it.

I swung by Jackson’s a couple of times this week to check on him.  He’s already trying to lift weights.  I told him to cool it down before he hurts his shoulder even more but he’s such a typical man.  Never listens.  He hugs me bye now when I leave.  It’s so natural now.  We are going to have lunch tomorrow.  He’s asked me to help him plan the party and go to the store with him to get what he needs next weekend.  Gotta figure out what I’m going to say to get out of the house for that long.


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