Lacy’s Journal

It’s been so busy.  Brianna has informed us that she is going to go to Paris for College.  Hopefully she’ll get the scholarships to pay for it because lord knows we can’t afford it.  I told her she better apply for every scholarship program she can for that.  I missed her game the other day, I told her I had to work.  I feel guilty but I had already made plans to have lunch with Jackson before she told me and he really was looking forward to getting out of the house finally.  I promised I’d go to the next game, it’s not like I haven’t been to every other one.  She doesn’t seem to mind that I missed it.

Our lunch was a interesting thing.  He packed us a picnic lunch.  We had a break in the weather and it reached 66 degree’s.  It was beautiful outside.  We ate at the little park across the street from work.  Deborah from work came up to us and he invited her to join us.  She ate with us and we all had a very lovely conversation.  When we got back to the office Deborah commented on how nice it was that I’ve become such a good friend to that “wonderful young man” and after he was shot and all, he really needed friends.


Today Jackson and I went shopping for his party next weekend.  He bought a crap load of shit, stuff from food to beer to liquor.  He’s expecting half the police force there.  While we were shopping I walked over to a different isle to look at some stuff and this man came up and started hitting on me.  I tried to just ignore him but he kept talking about how pretty I was.  Jackson came over and kissed my cheek and wrapped his arm around me and asked me “whose this?”… the guy just said sorry and turned and  It was funny.  But every where we went in the store he was there so I had to let Jackson hold my hand and call me honey and baby.  We couldn’t stop laughing when we left.  I told Craig that I was shopping with Brenda.  He just said that was a good thing because I haven’t seen her in weeks, so of course I called Brenda and told her not to answer if he called.  She said she wouldn’t.


I am nervous about taking Craig to Jacksons house, but he said he’d go.  He’s slept on the couch every night this week, always telling me that he’s not sleepy when I go to bed but I find him passed out on the couch.  I’m so tired of sleeping alone, of feeling alone in my own home.


5 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. Lacy better back off before she does something she will regret and have to live with for the rest of her life. He’s making his moves and she’s playing into them.

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