The Walking Dead Review 02/18/13

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Med PhotoBlog)  Cute pic I thought..

Are you ready for some ZOMBIES????  Well it’s Sunday night and that means the Walking Dead time…woohoo.. (this is as close to an Apocalypse I ever wanna be)!!

Here we go…

So the question is.. where is Andrea’s loyalties going to lie?  And is Darryl coming back>> (we know he is)

We start in the prison tonight, Rick is putting pallets outside and watching the walkers and then Michonne who is in a  storage bin.  When he looks back she’s gone.  He keeps looking until he see’s Lorri standing by the graves in that long flowing white gown.  He’s heading to her ( I TOLD ALL OF Y’ALL HER PART WASN’T OVER YET BTW).  He gets there and she’s gone.  I wonder if this is the beginning of the downfall for Rick, like Shane or if he will recover from it.  Rick then see’s her on the outside of the gate and runs out to her.  She is actually touching his face, while Michonne is watching him, of course she’s not seeing Lorri.

Woodbury is still heavily guarded.  Andrea is talking to Phillip, (it’s amazing how her eyebrows stay so well maintained.. well all of them).  Phillip is telling her that there will be no retaliation as long as they leave the town alone.  She says she needs to go see them.  Phillip is telling her that he is not meant to be their leader but she is, way to play on her emotions and her brain.  He’s telling her how he’d understand if she chose her friends in the prison but that town needs her.

Merle and Darryl are in the woods, Merle is peeing on a tree.. figures he’d be doing that.  Darryl is trying to get Merle to get back to the prison.  Merle is telling him how the Governor is probably killing all his friends at that moment.  That will send Darryl back to them for sure.

Glen and Carl are talking about the prison is not secure and how they need to kill Phillip before he comes for them.  Herschel is trying to convince Glen that they have to leave but Glen is telling them they can’t run.  Maggie walked off so Glen says they are staying but they have to secure the prison.  Glen realizes that no one is on watch and walks out.

Phillip sneaks up to the doctor and threw something on the table to startle him.  He tells him that he’s been invaluable and asks him if he intended to stay.  He tells him that he’s never thought of leaving.  He asks him if he’d take a bullet for him, and he said yes.  He tells him that he’s not sure where Andrea’s loyalties lie and to keep tabs on her.

We come back to Woodbury where Andrea is looking for Martinez.  the girl she’s talking too wont tell her anything.  She see’s Milton and asks him.  She asks where the Governor is and he says out on a run.  He tells her out on a run.  You can tell she doesn’t buy it.

Glen and Carl discovers walkers in the tombs.  They discuss their options again and Glen says he’ll take the car and go check the other side of the prison.  He says he’ll take Maggie but Herschel doesn’t think she’s up to it.  Glen goes to her and tries to talk to her.  He tells her she needs to talk about it, but she says “I do or you do?”.  She’s telling him about what Phillip did to her, you can tell she’s not over it.  She tells Glen that he didn’t rape her.  She tells him she had no choice, that he said take off her shirt or he’d take off Glen’s hand, that she just listened to Merle beat the shit out of him in the other room.  She pushed hi away.  I think this is her way of dealing with the thought of losing a love one, she’s separating herself from him to protect her heart.

Carol and that remaining prisoner (I can never remember his name) are talking.  He’s telling Carol about how he got put in prison. He tells her he doesn’t know how to use a gun, so she shows hi.  I’m thinking he’s up to something.

Darryl and Merle are still in the woods.  Merle is just plain mean to Darryl, I’m betting  always was.  They find a group of walkers on the road going after some people, of course Darryl goes to help while Merle says he’s not going to waste his ammo for people he doesn’t know.

It’s  2 guys and girl with a baby.  The girl is trapped in the car with the baby.  Darryl goes to town on the walkers!  Merle just kinda stands there.  I think the baby in the car is going to send him back.  The gore shot of the night.. slamming the trunk on the walkers head.    Merle killed one walker that was after Darryl.  when Merle went to the car and opened the door the one guy walked up to him and Merle pulled a gun on him.  Darryl told him to let him go.  Darryl can see this is wrong AND YES he pulled the crossbow on Merle and told him to get out of the car!  Gore shot number 2, the car running over the walkers head!  Darryl is not happy.  Hopefully Merle will get bit!  Darryl is putting him in his place, telling him he deserved it.  They got into a fight and Merle ripped his shirt and saw his tattoo’s.  He makes a comment about having to leave because he would have killed him, I’m guessing it was their father.  Darryl is going back to the prison!  Merle tells him he can’t go but of course he does.  He’s a pussy who can’t be alone.  He has to be around people so he can try to rule them, it makes him feel like a man.

Back to the prison.  Glen is walking away and Herschel is calling for him.  He asks him if he’s going back to Woodbury and he says no.  Herschel says he’ll go with him but he says no.  Herschel is telling him that he trust him with Maggie’s life and that his rage will get him killed.  Glen is very angry about what happened.  Rick is still walking around in the woods, chasing ghosts.  Maggie is feeding the baby, her sister is helping her to feed her right.  Rick is still walking around, Herschel is calling for him.  He told him it was important for him to come back, and how Glen is on the warpath.  He told him they need him to lead.  He told Herschel to lead.  He tells him that he’s doing stuff out there and doesn’t know how much more time he’s going to need.  Herschel asks if there’s anything he can help with.  Rick tells him that he saw Lorri, that he’s seeing her.  He says he knows it’s not really her but there must be a reason, it must mean something.  He tells him that he saw Shane in the town too.  Herschel tells him that he’s looking for them, he says he’s waiting.. for an answer.  That it doesn’t make sense but in time it will.  He tells him to come inside and get rest that it isn’t safe, but Rick says he can’t and goes back out into the woods.   Carol and the prisoner are talking about the stress getting to Rick.  While they are talking a bullet goes through the prisoner’s head!  DAMN, wasn’t expecting that.  His name is Axel… don’t know why I can’t remember it.. oh well, he’s dead now anyways so don’t need too. 🙂

Rick is under fire so is Herschel and the gang.  Carol is using Axel as a shield.  Keep your arm down Carol!  How did no one hear the truck pull up?  Maggie runs out with more guns,  saving Carol.  Michonne takes out the driver of the truck.  Now will be when Darryl shows back up.  A truck just ran through the gate, opening the prison up.  They lower the gate on the back of the truck releasing dozens of walkers into the yard.   It looks to be a girl driver.  Damn.. a walker was coming up on the governor but he heard it.  Herschel is stuck in the yard, Rick is out of ammo, Glen showed up as they were leaving.  Michonne is killing them with the sword, Rick is about to be bit when YES.. DARRYL SHOWS UP.. MERLE IS WITH HIM!!!  They get back in the prison behind the gate.  Rick gives Darryl a nod and then Merle a look.  The look on Ricks face says it all!!!!

Next week looks great!




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