Zombie Apocalypse? No Thanks…

My husband is a huge Zombie fan.  He watches/owns almost all Zombie movies, he loves the Walking Dead and is excited about the prospect of the Apocalypse happening..seriously, he wants it to happen in real life.  I think he’s lost his damn mind, but the sad thing is there are a lot of people who do want it to happen.  Why?  Am I missing something with this?  My husband tried to explain it to me, that it was a way to start over.  Clean the world of the pollution and pollutants caused by humans.  Plus there’s the whole “and you get to shoot people in the head and not feel guilty for it” aspect which we all know is more like “I can finally put a bullet in my ex’s head and no one can get onto me for it”.  Yeah  I understand that, trust me.. I’d love to put a bullet in a couple of ex’s in my life BUT… I still do not see the appeal of a entire Apocalypse just for that.

Zombie Apocalypse (video game)

Zombie Apocalypse (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d rather just put a print out of the pic of the ex I hate most and draw all over it, stab it with a pencil and tact and just mutilate it.  I’ve done that several times of a certain Bitchzilla and it’s made me feel worlds better.  HEY NOW.. don’t judge me.. you know your gonna try it now..

I think if people really and truly thought about it happening, they wouldn’t be so quick to wanting it.  When I think of it I think of no more restful sleeps, always in fear of attacks at any moment.  I see food expiring and people killing each other for those last can’s of peas.  I see people who are no longer policed going insane and letting the evil side of their personalities take over.  I see women and young girls being raped and held hostage being used as sex slaves.  I see no water, no medications, no doctors or nurses, no surgeons.  People dying from something that would be easily corrected today.  I see no more Air Conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter.  No more ice for a cold drink.  No more chocolate… NO MORE CHOCOLATE… IS THAT NOT ENOUGH RIGHT THERE???? No more hot showers, or long hot baths.   When the batteries all die out, no more music.  No more movies or TV.  No pedicures or manicures (not that I get those now anyways)… No vacations, no parties… I just see a world of NO’s… and that’s just not a world I want to live in.

So to all of those who want this to happen… I think your insane.  Call me lazy, call me spoiled, whatever.. I don’t care.  I want my hot showers, I want my AC in the summer and Heat in the winter, I want ice for my water and dammit, I want my coffee pot to brew me a cup within 3 minutes every morning.  I want my chocolate, I want movies and TV.  I don’t want the smell of death and decay all over me all the time.  I don’t want to have to put a bullet in any of my loved one’s heads because they are bit or just died of natural causes.  I’d prefer for none of that to happen, thank you anyways.



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