You learn something new everyday…..

English: A modern Wegmans superstore located i...

English: A modern Wegmans superstore located in Northborough, Massachusetts. This newest Wegmans location is the 78th store in the U.S. the 1st store in the state of Mass and opened on October 16,2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So today I went to my favorite grocery store in the world…. Wegmans


Have you ever been to one of these stores?  They are simply amazing.  They have everything you could ever want or need.  Ok, well except for the dark chocolate covered walnuts that I have to get at Safeway but still.  They have a pizza place where they make really good pizza’s, a hot food bar, a cold food bar, a seafood restaurant in it, a seafood shop, butcher, deli, organic food.. everything!
 Well today while  I was there I overheard this man and woman talking about eggs.  Just something as simple as eggs.  The man was a little older and he asked the lady “whats the difference between the white eggs and the yellow eggs?”… By yellow he meant brown, I know this because I watched her go pick up a dozen of the brown eggs.  Well this lady tells him “there’s no difference between the white and yellow eggs.  The color of the eggs shows the color of the chicken that laid it.  White chickens lay white eggs, yellow chickens lay yellow eggs and multi colored chickens lay speckled eggs”….. AND the laughter starts!!!!  I couldn’t help it.. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My first thought was.. “oh dear.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a green chicken”..chicken


I’m still laughing at this thought…



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