Another reason why the Zombie’s can’t happen

The other night I had a horrific nightmare that truly scared the crap out of me.  It was about Zombies and it lasted maybe 10 seconds, but 10 seconds in a world where I will fear like that was enough.  So here is my next reason on why the Zombie Apocalypse cannot happen.



My husband and I were laying in our bed sleeping and I heard a noise and looked up at the wall behind us (now there is no space between the wall and the bed so there is no way this could of happened but in that split second my mind didn’t remember that), anyways I looked up and there was this female Zombie standing right over me about to bite my head.  She was just so nasty looking, words are hard to describe it all.  Her skin was pulled away and dangling from her face, her exposed teeth covered in a red/brown goo, her hair matted with what I assumed was blood, the smell of death and decay filled my nostrils.  I saw her and too the side of the bed I saw a male Zombie standing over Rob going in for the kill on my slumbering partner and I wanted to scream but it was too late…I guess I really do love my husband because my thought wasn’t “Oh my God I’m fixing to die”… nope.. it was.. “Oh my God he’s fixing to kill Rob.. I need to save him”….

zombie girl


I woke up with a jolt and my head in the direction of my dream saw two dark shadows on the wall and by the bed and for a nanosecond I was still locked in that fear… then reality sank back in and I heard the snoring of my husband and knew we were safe and it was just a dream.  My first impulse was to beat up Rob since he’s the one constantly talking about the impending Apocalypse… but I let him sleep.

I won’t live my life in fear of it happening, but I will always hold a fear in the back of my mind that it is possible.  And that my friends just sucks ass!


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