I know what I’d do



I posted this on Facebook but decided to show it on here, simply because some of my friends on FB get offended too easily… So I couldn’t say exactly what I wanted too there.

What would I do?  Well.. first I’d go pee standing up!!! The next thing I’d do is tell my husband how I just know he really truly wanted some tube steak for breakfast as I shoved my new found toy in his face until he abide my wishes..  Then I’d push his knee’s up to his ears and I’d ram that shit so far in he’d feel like I was trying to reach his tonsils.  Then I’d call in sick to work, lay on the couch and just play with my johnson all day!  It would be a perfect day!

What would you do?


12 thoughts on “I know what I’d do

  1. i would do exactly that! i once asked my hubby ‘if we could swap parts for a day would you let me shag you?’ he said he wouldnt ever swap with me, not even for 5 minutes…i took offence to that lol but he meant because our parts are our parts and it would be weird.
    like you, i have penis envy and have told him numerous times how WHEN i have my own penis i will take advantage every chance i get…he said thats fine WHEN i GROW my own penis i have his permission lol

  2. Hilarious! Lol! I’m going to have to reblog this image on my blog… Ask everybody what they would do first! I will definitely post your comment… So funny! 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

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