My Superman

In my previous post I talked about Vince, my friend who passed away a couple of years ago.  Well now I think it’s only fair if I tell you about the newer man in my life who has been there through thick and thin (literally).  Who has been my Superman since 2007.  My husband, Robert Nelson.

On June 10, 2007 I had finally reached my breaking point and left my abusive ex-husband.  I had already been packing my stuff and getting ready to leave him for a month, I was trying to find an apartment for me and the kids and when I found one I had to wait on it to be ready to move in.  While waiting for it my ex really just didn’t handle my impending move very well at all and completely lost it one night, beating me in the side with the bedroom door, leaving bruises on my side.  He followed me everywhere in the house screaming in my ear, not leaving me alone for 2 seconds.  It was so bad my sister in law Susan who was there began yelling at my ex to leave me alone and just back off.  Well after it exploded and the cops were called I managed to load my car up with anything I could fit in it.  I called Rob, (we were friends at the time) and told him what had happened.  Now Rob had known for awhile about the abuse and had been begging me to get out before he killed me.  When I called him he told me to go to a Hotel, that he would pay for it.. and that he was coming to Texas to help me.  He jumped on a plane and was there early the next morning.  He rented a UHaul truck for me and went back to the house to help me and my sister in law and my niece load everything up and get it out and to a storage unit.  He was forever then branded my Superman!


Fast forward to September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike, a category 5 storm, was bearing down on Houston.  I was living alone in my apartment with my 2 kids.  Their sperm donor did nothing to see if we were okay, or prepared for the storm, or if we needed anything.  We were left to ride through it alone.  Knowing how scared I was to go through the storm alone, Rob jumped on the last plane into Houston and came to ride the storm out with us!  I was so thankful that he was there and I wasn’t alone.  It was a very scary storm and did massive amounts of damage.  Luckily we managed to survive it with no injuries, no damage.  We spent several days without power but that was it.

When Rob and I married I weighed a hefty 250lbs.  On May 23, 2011 I underwent the scaple for the gastric bypass surgery.  1 1/2 years later I now weigh 147lbs.  This is where the “through thick and thin” comes in.  No matter what weight I am at he constantly tells me how beautiful I am, how much he loves me and needs me.  He always does so many little things for me, like the laundry, or cooking dinner when I can’t eat or don’t want too.  He rubs my feet when they need lotion, he rubs my shoulders when they hurt.. he scratches my back because I can no longer put my arm behind my back to do it myself..stupid frozen shoulder!

I have been lucky enough in this life to be blessed with 2 men who would do anything for me, and lucky enough to have married one of them.  We have our problems, we have our fights but we never ever have to wonder if the other really loves us or not.  We know we are both loved.


8 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. AWWWW I like to hear wonderful Marriage stories…I believe that no matter how tough life gets if a Husband and a Wife ride it out together your bond grows stronger and stronger…I believe in love ❤

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