The Walking Dead Review/Recap

So it’s that time again. I’m going to call it early and say I think Andrea is going to come back to the group. I also think that Tyrese will be back too.


Now saying that it begins with the group talking about what to do. They‘ve got Merle locked up in the other room. Even though they dont want to believe it but Merle is telling the the truth.  Hershel tells Rick that he put his life in his hands.. that he needs to do something.  Rick heads outdoors to survey the woods surrounding the prison when Carl comes out and tells him he should stop being the leader, that he deserves a break.  I think Carl see’s that his dad is losing his grip on his humanity.  I don’t think however that Rick will step down, he has to be the leader, he’s made that known from the beginning.

Milton is filling the doctor in on the statistics of the group, giving them all side arms and ammo.  He is scared and preparing for a war.  Phillip of course is telling Andrea how the people she use to be with have changed, that they fired on the people of the town as they went to discuss things with them.  Andrea is telling him she is going to go see the people at the prison, he tells her if she goes to the prison to stay there.  Like I said, she’s seeig things the way they really are now and I do belive that she will be going back to the group.

Rick is informing the group of what is going on out in the yard.  Glenn is still having a very hard time dealing with Merle being there.  Glenn thinks that by giving the Governor Merle back that it would cause a truce.  He doesn’t realize that Phillip is not the type to deal on the up and up.  Hershel goes to talk to Merle, my guess is to figure him out.  He starts speaking of the bible to Merle who surprisingly knows the passage.  Merle tells him how the Governor returns he will kill him first, then Michonne and Daryl and everyone else leaving Rick for last so he can watch his entire family die.  I think Herschel is seeing just how bad he is.

Phillip is trying to raise an army, to include every man woman and child.  Even a 14 year old boy with Asthma.  Andrea is def  seeing the light.

Carol is very glad that Daryl is back.  She’s telling him how Merle is just not good for him.  I really hope that Daryl see’s he loves her.  But, then again I kind of enjoy the sexual tension between them.

Andrea is enlisting the help of Melvin to get out of Woodbury so she can get to the prison to talk to the group.  We know she gets out so he must help her.  Phillip is not dealing well with the disfiguring of his face.  Milton went to Phillip and told him that she wants to go back to the prison.

Okay, we have Milton and Andrea dismembering a walker, she’s taking Michonne’s idea and making them her pet.  I will say the scene where she was cutting his arms off, you could tell it was fake!  SEE.. SEE.. I told you how it was going to be.. Tyrese is back.  He killed a walker coming up on Andrea.

Glenn is trying to talk to Michonne and make it water under the bridge.  The sad thing is I think Merle would throw them all under the bus in a heartbeat.  I hope I’m wrong on this one but I don’t see him being a good guy.

Milton offers to take the group to the town.  Andrea heads to the prison with her pet.

Carl is the first to see Andrea but he doesn’t realize it’s her.  He alerts Maggie who aims a gun and see’s it’s her.  Andrea has always been a bad ass at taking on the walkers.. just stupid in the decisions she makes.  The team comes out to get to her, and pats her down, guns trained on her.  They are not taking any chances with her.  Once they see she is alone the others come out to see her.  Rick brings her insde where everyone comes and hugs her.  Carol tells her they thought she was dead.  She asks about Shane, and then Lorri.  Herschel tells her that Lorri had a girl but didn’t survive.  She tells Rick that she’s not enemy when he won’t let her in the cell block.  Rick tells her what really happened.  She’s trying to bring everyone together but Rick tells her flat out there is nothing to work out, that they are going to kill him.  Merle tells her she knows better then them being able to go to Woodbury.  Daryl tells her the next time she see’s Phillip, he’s going to take his other eye.  She’s telling them that he has a whole town against them.  Rick tells her if she won’t help them get in the town they have nothing to talk about and leaves.

I really hope they don’t drag out this story line forever.  I’m actually kinda ready for the town and the Governor to be over already.

Michonne and Andrea go outside.  She tells Michonne that she poisoned them.  She’s telling Michonne that she’s trying to save the group.  Michonne tells her that he sent Merle to kill her, that he would have killed her too if she would have came with her.  She tells her that’s why she went back to Woodbury, to expose who he really was.  She knew it would hurt her but it had to be done.  Andrea is left there crying.

Phillip is welcoming Tyrese and his gang to the town.  He tells them that they were attacked by some bad people out there.  Phillip tells them to avoid a certain road but they said they just came from there.  They said they’d been that way and ran into a whack job at the prison.  that the group seemed nice but then Rick came and put a gun on them and told them to leave.  Phillip and Milton start to talk to them about the prison.  Hopefully they will see through him quickly.

Andrea come ups the stairs to meet Lil Asskicker, Judith.  When Carol tells her the name Andrea says “Let me guess, Daryl named her”  Carol is telling Andrea what happened to everyone, and how he killed Shane. Andrea tells her that Rick has become cold.  Carol flat out tells her that she needs to sleep with Phillip, give him the greatest night of his life and while his guard is down she could end it all.  Go Carol!  When Andrea is leaving Rick gives her a gun and tells her to be careful.  She see’s them all in her review mirror.  Hopefully her conscious will wreak havoc on her.

Andrea comes back to the town in the car the group gave her.  She pulls up to the people on the wall holding guns to her.  She goes in to see Phillip and tells him that she went to the prison and that Michonne and Merle are there.  She’s telling him that she came back on her own, he asks why and she can’t talk.  He says “because you belong here” and she agree’s with him.

The group at the prison are just sitting around.  Beth starts singing a song (yay I remembered her name this time)!  Rick is holding the baby, which is really nice to see for once.  There is something about a man holding a baby.. just melts the heart.  Rick tells them he is going on a run tomorrow, and that he’s glad Daryl is back.  Daryl says he’ll go with him but he tells him no, stay and watch his brother.  That he’ll take Michonne and Carl, that Carl is ready.  Looks like Rick is back.   I don’t think he’s done seeing Lorri.

Andrea is in bed with Phillip but of course doesn’t kill him. we almost see her ass.. and from what we see it’s very nice.  She takes a knife over to the bed but can’t kill him.  Fact is, I think she loves him.  Why wouldn’t she?  She loves a man in charge and he’s the biggest fish around.. for now


Next week looks awesome!



2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Review/Recap

  1. What immediately struck me when watching this episode is the moment when Andrea goes inside the prison, and she’s all nicely dressed and freshly showered . . . and there’s all the prison gang, marinating in their own juices (and in Daryl’s case, looking like he’s been rolling around in a pile of dirt).

    Great metaphor for the idea of what kind of personal responsibility you want to take — just throw in with the charming guy who keeps the lights on and doesn’t want you asking too many questions, or the kinda crazy widower in the prison where you can’t take a bath but at least isn’t going to tell you no, you can’t leave?

    I do have to say I’m kind of disappointed in how Andrea’s been more a plot device than an actual character with some kind of consistent internal logic lately — between hooking up with Shane and then actually going back into the viper pit because she somehow does believe she’s going to talk to the guy who literally lost an eye down from killing the people who kept her alive this long in the first place. Wanting to keep the innocents in Woodbury alive and out of the crossfire and all is fine, but seriously . . . she saw what happened in the aftermath, how everyone was all rats from a sinking ship the minute there was trouble behind the wall. I’ll stick with the badasses who aren’t going to run screaming to their deaths into the night because a couple of the two billion zombies that aren’t going anywhere soon got past the defenses.

    • I agree with you. I don’t like the role they are giving Andrea, but I don’t believe this is her finale. I think her and Tyrese’s gang are going to rise to the call and take down the Governor and Woodbury all in effort of saving Rick and the gang. I think she knows exactly what kind of person he is, but at the moment she just doesn’t have the footing she needs to do what needs to be done. It’s been rumored that Morgan is coming back next week too. I think Beth will die in the fight, her character isn’t really doing much.

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