Lacy’s Journal

Well, I didn’t respond to Jackson’s text messages for a couple of days but I couldn’t avoid him forever.  I had to see him.  I wanted to see him.  I had to tell him that I couldn’t do this, it’s wrong.  I love my husband, I really do.  I am just really lonely right now and it’s too easy to give into it.  I should have known better then to agree to see him.


I texted him Tuesday night after ignoring him for 3 days and agree’d to meet him for lunch at our normal place.  I thought being in a public place I’d be safe.  At first it went okay, we sat down and through the uneasiness managed to make small talk.  He apologized again for kissing me and told me he has just felt so  drawn to me and he just couldn’t help himself.  I told him it was okay, that I was drawn to him too but the fact is I’m married.  I can’t do this to my husband, no matter what is going on in our marriage.  He said he understood and that he would try his hardest to behave himself just please don’t stop talking to him.  He really does see me as his best friend.

After that we enjoyed lunch and just talked like we use too.  He told me how the rest of the party went and how a few people ended up passing out at his house and that it took him forever to get it cleaned Sunday.  He said he gets to go back out on the beat in 4 weeks if all goes well.  He told me he really liked Craig, well.. if he wasn’t married to me he’d really like him but right now he’s really jealous of him.  I told him to stop and he just laughed… his smile is so contagious.  He walked me to my car and I gave him a hug goodbye and tried to tell him that I thought it’d be best if we didn’t have lunch again when our faces were so close and you could feel the electricity and DAMN IT ALL TO HELL… I kissed him!!!!  What am I doing?? What am I getting myself into????  I can’t do this.. I gotta stop… I texted him today and told him we can’t do this… and then I got flowers and candy sent to me at work with a note that said… “That kiss said it all”……


11 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. She screwed up. She shouldn’t have kissed him. “This kiss said it all” He’s going to start stalking her. He won’t let up now. I see big trouble ahead and a rabbit in a crock pot on the stove.

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