Lacy’s Journal

Boot camp was excruciating .  Oh dear God… my body hurt so bad after the 3 hour workout I didn’t think I’d be able to move again! I laid on the ground almost crying… and stupid Jackson.. even with a gun shot shoulder he still kicked my butt!  We laid there and laughed for what seemed like forever before my legs would work again.  After the workout we decided to go get some lunch.  He was ravenous where as I was so nauseated I couldn’t eat much.  I told him I had to go home and soak in a hot tub but he invited me to go to his house and sit in his Jacuzzi.  I so badly wanted to tell him yes, but I knew if I went I would regret it.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I just can’t do this anymore with Craig.  He refuses to do anything to change anything and I’m miserable.  I’ve decided that tonight when I get home I’m asking him to move out for awhile, give us some space.  I don’t know how he’ll handle it but I have to make myself happy and honestly, Jackson is what is making me happy right now.



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