The Walking Dead Recap/Review



We start out with Michonne,Carl and Rick heading into town for supplies.  They drive right past a man who was screaming for them to slow down.  They come  up on an accident scene and got stuck in the mud.  The car was quickly over run with walkers but Rick took them all out.  When they are all taken out Rick starts talking to Carl and teaching him how to get the car out of the mud when Carl starts to question why Michonne is still there.  While they are discussing it Michonne over hears Ric saying they have similiar interest.  That’s when they hear the man they passed up screaming at them to stay.. but they again leave him behind.

The trio shows up at this town and walks into what looks like the Sherrifs office, but it’s completely empty.  We find out that it’s his old station.  Rick tells her that there are a few other places around they can check out.  There is defiently a tension between Rick and Michonne.  Possible love interest later?  There are arrows on the ground and things painted on the walls and ground.  The wall said No Guilt Know that and the road said Turn around and live.    It looks like a trap, why would you walk through the middle of the trap.  A walker comes up and Rick tells Michonne to wait, it will get caught.  The walker gets caught then a bullet rings out from no where.   I think it’s Morgan.  Carl takes him down!  Way to go Carl, I mean you gotta feel bad for him because he’s lost his childhood but still.. GO CARL.

SEE.. TOLD YOU.. right again.  It’s Morgan!


Michonne is ready to go but Rick is telling her that Morgan saved his life.  They are going to see if they can find his son without setting off a booby trap. Ha Ha.. had to laugh, a sheet hanging up that said  “Not Shitting You”.  OH HELL YEAH… Morgan is ready for battle.  Where is his son?  Rick is reading all the messages on the wall and is clearly upset by them.  Oh, he found the radio that Rick gave him.  He found Duane turned n the wall.  Michonne tells Rick they need to go, that he is dangerous but Rick is insiting they wait til he wakes up.  He tie straps his wrists together.  Carl see’s a map on the wall, it looks as though Morgan has been clearing out the town.  Carl see’s KCC on the wall and tells his dad he’s going for a run to the baby store right around the corner to get a crib.  You can tell that’s not what it is but Michonne went with him.  We come out to find more walkers trapped and Carl trying hard to get rid of Michonne.  Which of course he manages to do but she catches up to him.  He tells her he wants to get Judith something else first.

Rick is still reading the walls and waiting for Morgan to wake up.  Morgan wakes up and sneaks a knife that he has hidden under the cot.  They start fighting and Rick keeps telling him that he knows him, Morgan says he doesn’t know anyone anymore and stabs him in the shoulder.

Morgan’s traps are very effective   Morgan keeps asking him to kill him.  Rick keeps trying to tell him he knows him and is reminding him about what happened the year before.  When he show’s him the radio it snaps Morgan back into reality.  Morgan is telling him that he turned the radio on everyday for weeks and months, him and his boy and he wasn’t there.  Rick tells him that he kept getting pushed further out, that he did turn the radio on but they were too far out in the country.  Morgan is very angry, you can tell he felt like he was abandoned.  He tells him that he gave him the gun, that he was suppose to kill his wife.   They were looking for food and when Morgan came back to him his wife was there.  Poor guy had to kill his wife after she killed their son.  He tells Rick that his boy will die, that the Good people like him die, the bad people die but the weak, like he is have inherited the earth.  You really feel bad for Morgan.

I have to admit.. I’m enjoying the break from Woodbury.  I’m kinda sick of that story line already.

Carl was trying to go into a resteraunt but Michonne stopped him.  Carl tells her that the only reason she is there is they have a common enemy.  He is really a cold hearted lil shit sometimes.  He tells her that she can’t stop him but she tells him that she can’t stop him but he can’t stop her from helping.  They roll several rat’s into the restaraunt while they sneak in and take a picture off the wall, of course when they try to leave one of the rats get free and the walkers come around onto them.  Carl dropped the picture and tells Michonne it’s the last picture left.  She flat out tells him he has to wait there, that’s how they get it done then she sneaks around and gets the picture back, plus show’s a little bit of a softer side by saying she had to get a multi colored cat statue, it was just too damn gorgeous.

Rick is trying to convince Morgan to come back with them.  Morgan is telling him that he has something good and someone is trying to take it.  He said he is not going to watch it happen again.  It’s nice to see Rick back a little from crazy town, but I know Lorri’s role is not over yet so he’ll see her again so crazy time isn’t over.  Morgan tells him that he has to clear, that’s why he didn’t die today it was his sign.

We come back to find Rick coming out with a bag of guns.  Michonne and Carl have a playpen and it looks like it’s loaded.  Carl tells him that he had to shoot him and he was sorry.  Morgan tells him don’t ever be sorry.  I don’t think we are done seeing Morgan.  Carl tells him that he thinks Michonne might be one of us.  Michonne asks if he see’s something, that she knows he see’s things.  That she use to talk to her dead boyfriend.  He tells her yeah he see’s things.  I bet we see the hitchhiker again.  Yup, we saw the hitch hiker again, spread out along the road.  It was funny to see them go back for the backpack.

If you know me and my husband, follow our blogs then you know that my husband truly wants to the apocalpyse to really happen.  Whenever I watch an episode of this show it really makes me wonder how anyone could want it to happen.  It’s death and decay and no trust and no compassion anymore.. constantly living in fear… I just can’t do it.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap/Review

  1. One thing I noticed in the beginning was the sign said “Erin we tried for Stone Mountain” Then when they got stuck the zombie at Michone’s window had a bracelet made from individual letters that said “Erin”.

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