Crush of the Month for March 2013

So I’m a few days late on it but… my crush of the month for March is a throw back to my youth.. This man was my first true Celebrity Crush… and man did I crush hard on him!  I grew to be a groupie for his band and followed them all over the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama!  I got to meet him once and found myself star struck and unable to do anything but cry!  (In my defense.. I was young and dumb.. give me the chance to meet him now!!!!)

So without further hesitation… here he is…




Yes sir/ ma’am.. Vince Neil of Motley Crue!  I still have my scrap book I made of them (we’re talking mid 80’s) and all of the stuff I bought from the concerts sans the shirts.. they were worn out!  This is a recent picture of him so yeah.. he’s still hot as hell and I’m still crushin!  I do got a thing about blondes ya know….


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