Lacy’s Journal

I can’t get enough of Jackson.  It’s been a week since the first time we’ve made love and I just can’t go without seeing him or talking to him everyday.  I haven’t talked to Craig all week.  I make the kids dinner and go to my room, only talking to them.  Brianna asked me why I was mad at dad..all I could tell her was he knew why and he didn’t seem to want to fix it.  She asked “is it because he never talks to you or touches  you?”  Even the kids see it, why can’t he?


Anyways, Jackson called me when he woke up last weekend after I left.  He was scared that I was upset and left because I didn’t want to talk to him again.  I told him no, that it was quite the opposite.  That I wanted to see him, I wanted to lay in the bed next to him, to touch him.  He asked me to meet him for lunch on Monday so I said yes.  We met at a little hole in the wall bar that served food too.  It looked good, maybe next time I will actually eat there.  We walked in and walked straight to the back and out the back door.  There in the back alley, in broad daylight Jackson pushed me up against the wall, reached up my skirt and pulled my panties to the side and slid his fingers inside.  There were people all around and I was so scared and turned on at the same time I almost orgasm then and there.  He’s so strong, there’s no doubt about that now.  He picked me up and wrapped my legs around him and slid into me with no problem.  I came quick and hard, right as a worker came out of the bar and just looked at us and turned around grinning and went back inside.  It wasn’t enough for Jackson though.  He told me to wait there and ran into the building, the next thing I know his truck came down the alley and stopped.  He pulled me and lowered my head into his lap taking him all the way into my throat.  The grunts and groans gave way that he was right there so I gave it my all, not letting any escape.   We both sat in that truck exhilarated and exhausted.  Work was hard after that, I couldn’t concentrate at all.  I found myself sliding my own fingers up the inside of my thighs more then once.

We’ve met everyday for lunch.  I swear I have lost 5lbs this week alone, just from lack of food and massive amounts of sex.  Oh wait.. my phone is going off.


Got to go.. he’s around the corner and says he needs to see me… guess it’s time to go for a “run”….


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