Lacy’s Journal

I’m exhausted!  Jackson is wearing me out.  I never thought I would be saying this but damn.. I don’t think I want anymore sex for at least a day.. two maybe?  I told him he was wearing me out, using me up!  He just laughed.  He said he can’t help it, he can’t get enough of me!  I finally told him yesterday though that when we met for lunch we were going to be EATING REAL FOOD… that I was starving.  I will say though, missing all those lunches I’ve dropped 6 pounds!  I only have 5 more to go and I’ll be at the weight I’ve wanted to be at for awhile now!  Guess that means I gotta “miss” more lunches next week!

Craig has been a little strange the last few days.  He’s been actually “talking” to me and asking me how my day was and how’s work and he even asked if I wanted to go catch a movie this weekend.  I told him no, I was still mad at him and him just acting like nothing was wrong wasn’t going to make me un-mad at him.  Then he said “I know.. and all I can say is I am sorry.. there is a reason for everything”.. when I asked him what his reasons were he said he couldn’t tell me… and just walked away.  What the hell???  If he has a reason for being so cold to me he needs to tell me what it is… anyways… it might be too late for us anyways.  I’m going to spend the weekend with Jackson.  As far as Craig knows it’s a girls weekend with me and Jenna.  He said that sounded like a good idea that I needed to get away and take a break.. ugh.. don’t be nice to me now!

So I leave in a few days for a weekend away with my boyfriend while my husband stays at home surrounded by his reasons that the refuses to tell me!!!  When did life get so crazy?  How much longer can this go on?  I just don’t know….

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11 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. I think Craig is having medical issues like ED and is embarrased to tell her. I hope she feels bad about going on that fake girls weekend. If she actually gave it some thought she would realize this may be his issue.

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