The Walking Dead “The Arrow on the Doorstep” recap/review

Its Sunday night.. and you know what that means bitches… THE WALKING DEAD…



We’re getting close to the end of the season so something big is gonna be happening tonight.  We start off with Darryl and Rick going through some area, not sure where.  Herschel is in the car waiting.  I think tonight is going to see one or two fo the prison team dying.  I still say Beth is gonna get it.  It’s been rumored that Glen is going to be killed off.  I hope not.

Philip comes out from the back side when Rick walks up to a table and chairs.  It must be a neutral meeting ground. Rick said “you attacked us.  Hindsight is pretty clear”  The Gov said he is going to remove his weapon then said for Rick to remove his weapon but he didn’t he just holstered his gun but there was one under the table.  Daryl told Hershel he was in there then a car shows up with some of the Gov men, the Dr and Andrea.  Daryl asked why he was in there and Andrea said “he’s here?”  and went inside and asked what was going on.  Now she is trying to talk to them to talk things out.  Rick is saying he knows about the raids, the heads, and everything. Darryl and Herschel are outside with Milton and the henchmen of Philips.

Back at the prison the gang is getting all the guns together.  Merle is trying to convince the group to go kill the Governor right then.  Glen tells him it’s not the right move, not the right time and that was the final word.

Rick offers the Governor half of the area.  He of course says no saying he was only there for Ricks surrender.  Phillip sends Andrea outside so he can talk to Rick alone.  Andrea is not happy about that at all.

Rick asks him “so your the Governor”… he tells him that’s what the people called him, not him.  Rick is trying to figure out just what exactly kind of guy he is.  He called him the town drunk..ahahaha.. I love that analogy.  Phillip brings up Judith and how she may not even be his own child.  Andrea has been running her mouth just a little too much. if she survives, she won’t be easily allowed back into the gang.

Darryl is pacing.  Milton is trying to work things out, discuss things with the guys.  I think he really is for peace between them all but is clouded by Phillips’ lies.  Walkers show up and the Martinez and Darryl stop and tell each other to go first, but Andrea gets mad and does it herself.  Here are the gore shot’s of the night!  BAM baseball bat to the head.  Darryl of course kicks ass.  He finds some cigarettes “Camels non the less”…and offers one.. Martinez says naw, he prefers menthols.. Doucebag is his reply.  They both kinda start talking and realize no matter what they are going to end up going to war.

Herschel is telling Milton about how he lost his leg.  Milton is asking to see his leg, Herschel tells him “I’m not showing you my leg. .I just met you.. at least buy me a drink first”.

Phillip is telling Rick how he can’t just do nothing, that it will make him look weak.  Rick tells him that’s his choice.  Phillip is telling him that they are going to kill all the people they love.  Phillip then tells Rick about how he found out his wife died in a car accident while he was at work.  How his wife had left him a voice mail but he hadn’t had the time to call her back yet.. and he sat there holding the phone wondering what she wanted.  They both drink some of the scotch he brought.

Back at the prison Glen is working on the cages outside.  He finds Merle loading up some guns and Glen tells him he’s not leaving.  Merle says he doesn’t need permission.  Glen stands in his way.  he tries to intimidate Glen but it doesn’t work.  Maggie  jumps in to help Glen but Beth saves the day by firing a gun.

Herschel makes his way over to Andrea.  He asks how’s it going in there and she tells him they kicked her out.  She asks what happened with Maggie and he replies simply “He’s a sick man”.  Andrea starts crying and asks what is she going to do.  She says she can’t go back there and Herschel tells her she’s family and if she joins them then it’s settled.  She says she knows.

Phillip is still running his mouth telling Rick that this isn’t what he wanted.  He tells him he knows about the guns they brought back, so Rick knows he’s been watching them.  He tells him that he has something that he wants.. that one thing will make it all right.  He took off his patch and tells Rick he wants Michonne.  That if he turns her over this will all go away.  That one woman is worth all those lives at his prison.  We know Rick isn’t going to fall for that.

Merle is still trying to convince them that he’s right.  Now he’s talking to Michonne. He’s telling her that they aren’t killers.  She tells him that Rick is and Maggie is and Carl put down his own mother.  He tells her those are mercy killings, not the same.  She tells him he is on his own, that if he gets people killed, it’s on him.  Boy it must be eating him up that no one will listen to him and do what he says.  Maggie come’s out to watch and finds Glen.  She offers to keep hi company.  I wish they would make up finally.  Glen is really hurt I think that he couldn’t protect her better.  He tells her that he made it all about him and she needed her space.. she tells him that she needed him to see her.  She tells him that she’s always with him, no matter what.  They say they are sorry and kiss and make up..  Glen says he can’t have sex with her right there, the zombies are watching.   They run and close the gate and start ripping each others clothes off.   Yay.. prison sex!  I gotta say.. that was kinda hot!

Rick is asking how he can believe him.. Phillip tells him you can save your son, save your daughter, everyone you know. It’s your choice.   Rick asks if he gives him Michonne how does he know he’ll keep his word, that he’ll stop.  He tells him to think about it.  2 days. He’ll be there at noon.  That its not him he wanted, it’s Michonne.

Andrea goes with Phillip.  I knew she would.  She is not known for making smart choices. I still say she is going to be the one who is pivotal in the downfall of Phillip.  She may not be the one who kills him directly but she’ll make it so someone can.  Just my thoughts.

The group returns to the prison, Phillip returns to the town.  Rick tells everyone to get inside.  Phillip tells them surround the feed store, gun down everyone but keep Michonne alive.  Milton asks about the deal, he tells him this is a way to avoid a slaughter, he says “that is a slaughter”.  Phillip thanks Andrea for setting up the meeting, that they set terms.  She asks him what terms and he doesn’t reply.  She now knows the truth of him and I think Milton is seeing it too.  Rick tells them he sat down w/ the Governor.. that he wants the prison, he wants them gone, he wants them dead for what they did to Woodbury.  He read the Governor for what he is.  He says “We are going to war”… Way to go Rick!  Glad to have you back buddy!  Herschel goes out to talk to Rick, tells him they are taking it as well as possible.  Some are saying go, some are saying stay, some are saying strike first.  Rick tells Herschel the truth, that he gave him a choice, a way out.  He tells him that he wants Michonne.  Herschel says “he’ll kill her”.. Rick says “and he’ll kill us anyways”.  Then he starts questioning himself.  Herschel asks why he didn’t tell them.. he said they need to be scared.  Herschel tells him that Michonne has earned her place, that’s she’s saved several of their lives.  Rick asks if he’s willing to sacrifice his daughters lives for her.  Herschel asks why is he telling him and Rick answer is he’s hoping he’ll talk him out of it.

I am in agreement that they need to take the Governor out, but they can’t live life in a prison either.  There are only 3 episodes left this season.  I hope it ends with this story line being over.. I’m tired of Woodbury and Phillip!



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