Lacy’s Journal

Well Craig has just been extremely weird lately.  One minute he treats me like I have the plague and won’t even look at me and then the next he’s trying to hug on me and he even tried to kiss me.  He has such a look in his eyes, I can really tell he’s holding something back from me.  I asked him flat out to tell me what is wrong, that we’ve been married forever and that he can tell me anything.  That I honestly needed him to open up to me before it’s too late… I even told him he’s pushing me further and further away.  He just said “I just can’t tell you this…I”m trying.. but I just can’t”.. and then dropped his head and walked away… I’m done.. I’m starting to look for my own apartment.. I’ll tell him when I get back from my weekend with Jackson.  We are obviously passed the point of being able to fix this marriage….



Jenna said she’d cover for me.. it’s killing her that I haven’t told her what’s going on.  I just told her that I need time away.. alone.  She’s not buying it.


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