Lacy’s Journal

I woke up to breakfast in bed.. first I ate wonderful Eggs Benedict and then Jackson had his own breakfast… me.  His appetite is insatiable. I swear he could fuck for 24 hours straight if I let him.. tempting.  We spent the morning walking around the shops of the island.  He bought me a beautiful necklace.  It’s a gold chain with a gold heart lined with diamonds.2bd0562dfd032be15b69b6058f76c0cc_51jPYEa2KlL._SL1024_

The guy who sold it to him said we made a sharp looking couple.  He just said yes we do.  We spent the afternoon in the water snorkeling then went back to the cabin where we made love in the shower, then on the bed, the couch, the kitchen counter..there’s no place in here we haven’t done it on.  Tonight we are going to a special dinner that he has planned.  I asked him how he could afford all of this on a cops salary, he told me he’s from money.  That he doesn’t have to work if he didn’t want too but law enforcement is his calling and he enjoys it too much to quit.  He said his mom is still alive and lives in California and he has a brother and a sister who are in Texas, where they are from.  His dad died when he was a baby.  He didn’t tell me much else, I could tell he didn’t want to talk about it anymore so I dropped it.

Well he’s standing here watching me write this telling me it’s time for dinner… damn he looks good standing there all tan and perfect… I’d go attack him but shoot.. I don’t think my kitkat could handle it again at this moment!


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