the Walking Dead “Prey for Andrea” review/recap

It’s almost time…581903_634561276570034_910645177_n



I will stand by my previous predictions that Andrea and Tyrese will be the pivotal forces in the Governors Death!  Tonight will tell us all.

We start off tonight with a flash back to when Michonne and Andrea were on the move alone.  They are casually sitting beside a fire eating and chatting.  Oh.. this is where Michonne tells her about her zombie pets.  She asks if she knew them and the look said it all.  She tells her that they deserve what they got, that they weren’t human to begin with. ….

Now we are over at the good old city of Woodbury where Phillip is designing some kind of torture room and obviously getting great pleasure out of it.

The “solidiers” are prepping for a major battle, Phillip is looking like he’s getting ready for surgery.  He is one sick bastard.  Milton see’s what he’s doing and walks away but Phillip calls him back.  Milton see’s just how far gone Phillip is, and he will be a help in taking him down too.  Milton tells Andrea that there is no deal, that Phillip has asked for Michonne and that he doesn’t believe she can stop him.  He takes her up into a small room and shows her the torture chamber that Phillip has created.  He tells her to leave, to tell the people at the prison to leave.  She tesll him no, that she can’t do that.  She has to kill him.  That’s when Phillip walks in with even more things to torture with, a spool of thread w/ a fish hook tied to it.  He sits in the chair and starts whistling into a tape recorder and Andrea pulls her gun to shoot him but Milton stops her.  He says that he knew Phillip before he changed.    She tells him that they are going to the prison to warn the others, that he’s going with her.. He tells her can’t.. that he belongs there.  I can understand him and his thinking. He feels like he’s a peace keeper, even though it’s a losing battle there.  When she starts to leave Martinez stops her and takes her gun and ammo from her.  Phillip comes out and says he was sorry about that, that he just wants to keep her safe.    Tyrese and his girlfirend are standing on guard, and discussing  killing walkers.. That Tyrese needs the practice and lol, he keeps missing.  Andrea tries to get them to leave so she can escape, they try to stop her.. she tells them how bad the Governor is.. that he’s not what he seems, that he’s done horrible things and is planning worse.  They don’t try to stop her as she jumps down and takes off running.

Tyrese tells Martinez and Phillip that Andrea took off.  Tyrese asks if this is a prison camp, and he says no.  Then he tells them a story about about how she was out all winter alone, with just the biters.  Phillip asks if she said anything and thankfully Tyrese tells him no.  I”m telling you… Tyrese will be a help.  Milton asks if they are going after her, Phillip says no he is.  Milton tells him to let her go, that she wants to be with her people.  Phillip asks him if he knew she was leaving, he tried to lie but Milton is not a good liar.  Phillip pushes him into the wall and without saying a word tells him that he told her about Michonne and the deal.  Martinez tells Tyrese to be at the truck in 5 minutes, but won’t tell him what they are doing.  He tries to talk to his friends but they have bought the whole town story.  They go on about how he saved the other guys wife, he seems like a hellbent redneck.  You know the, I’m the man kinda person.. Poor Andrea is getting her exercise in today!  As she’s running down the road she hears the truck she runs into the woods and aof course is over run with walkers.   She takes out three w/ her knife alone.  A small bit of the gore for the night.

awe man.. it’s already half over!

They take Tyrese and them to the place where they collect the biters.  Tyrese has a major issue with this and tells them he isn’t going to be a part of it.  He gets into a fight with the guy he traveled with and holds him over the pit.  He ends up letting him up.

Andrea was walking through a field when a truck went by.. she dropped to the ground hoping to be hidden but he spotted her.  She took off running and managed to make it into the woods.  He was honking the damn horn like he thought she was just going to stop and jump in with him.  she gets through the woods to an abandoned building and of course Phillip drives up at the same time.. so not fair.. she’s running her ass off, he’s driving.

This new video game Bio Shock Infinite looks like a cool game.  Says it won 85 awards.. that’s pretty cool.

Ya gotta admit.. Andrea is pretty badass herself.  She has no fear and takes on anything.  She’s trying to find a place to hide from Phillip, she knows if he gets her she’s dead, or worse.  It would be cool if she took him out in the warehouse, but that would be too anti climatic.  What is it with him and that whistling?  OOOOHhhh.. that’s why he does it.  It’s noise and brings any walkers out..  Phillip tells her to come back to Woodbury, that that’s her home now and they need her.. When she doesn’t reply he starts busting out all the windows, that way he hears her walking.  He is a sick bastard.  She finds a place to hide and he starts whistling again.  He’s right up on her when something draws his attention away.  Yay.. another gore shot!  He’s dropping walkers left and right now.. AND THERE’S THE MONEY SHOT OF THE NIGHT.. SHOVEL TO THE FACE!!!  As he’s steadily hitting the walkers face over and over again with the shovel he hears something, Andrea is attacked by a walker and gets him on a hook.. she opened a door to find a hallway full of them, when she turns around there is Phillip.  The Music in intense.. he tells her it’s time to go home when she opens the door and hides behind the door.. the walkers come out after him.  We all know he’ll get away.  She takes off upstairs after one last look through the window on the door.  She hears Phillip screaming and for a second stops like she’s going to help but doesn’t.  she walks out the door.

Back at the zombie pit with the trailer full of zombies someone is dousing them with gas.. my guess.. Tyrese!  He sets them all on fire.. Qestion is.. is it Tyrese or Milton.  Probably Milton, like my husband points out Milton would have a better chance of getting out with a vehicle then Tyrese would.  Damn.. Andrea is on the Talking Dead.. does that mean she’s gonna die tonight??? LOL

I really hate the Geico Pig commercials..Really..

It’s morning now.. Andrea is still walking and looks dead tired!  She finally makes the prison!  DAMN IT.. Phillip catches her right outside of the prison but Rick didn’t see it.  He saw something but doubted he did… Poor Andrea.. she tried her hardest.

One of the guys from the town shows up at the pit to find it fired up.  Phillip returns to the town and tells Martinez he didn’t find Andrea.   Phillip goes in and talks to Tyrese about the pit.. Ty tells him that they can’t put the biters on kids and of course he tells him that it’s just for show.  Tyrese asks why his man didn’t tell him that and Phillip tells him that they don’t really discuss tactics with people they don’t know.  Tyrese tells him that they want to stay.  Phillip then asks where he got the gasoline, but Tyrese says “come again” then Phillip says it doesn’t matter.. I think he realizes that Milton had to have done it.  Milton finds him and asks if Andrea is dead, he tells him he doesn’t have her.  He says it’s a real shame about the pits and he hopes he finds out who did it, Phillip says “Oh you heard about that” and then tells him “he already knew who did it”.

We end with Andrea sitting in the chair with tape over her mouth covered in blood.


Next weeks episode looks good.  There’s only 2 episodes left..




2 thoughts on “the Walking Dead “Prey for Andrea” review/recap

  1. I’m still not feeling all that much sympathy for Andrea at this point — there were too many signs that things were going sour that she repeatedly ignored (which kind of went against her character), and I think there was some clumsy handling of the whole character arc . . . so that’s my challenge to the writers to redeem her.

    I do like the idea of Tyresse becoming more of the moral center and maybe reinvigorating the rest of the prison gang — that whole bit with the hitchhiker at the end of Clear really left a bad taste in my mouth. Hershel does what he can, but sometimes he’s a bit too soft-spoken, and Ty is more of an imposing figure. I think that’ll make some good dynamics within the group . . . kind of hoping Milton tags along too, but that seems kind of unlikely.

    Did really like Milton’s comment that Woodbury is too far gone, and that even popping the Governor isn’t going to stop things — he’s right, Martinez seems just as bad in his own way, which makes sense that these two sociopaths would link up the way they did. It would be unrealistic for Philip to be the only truly ‘bad’ guy in town.

    Nice write up!

    • Thank you and yeah.. I totally agree with everything you said. Andrea closed her eye’s because she wanted it to be real.. she wanted love and honestly she wanted the power. She’s never liked being in the back seat to anything. I think they will redeem her, who knows that may be how they take her out.. by doing something completely selfless. Although I don’t think her character is going to die anytime soon. I love this show but honestly I’m tired of the Woodbury story line. Last nights was a little bit better, more engaging but for the most part this season I’ve just been like.. mneh..I’m wondering if Phillip will get away and will come back later on as a surprise….

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