More Spooky Stories

I’ve blogged before about how I can see and sense things that others can’t.  Yeah, I’m talking about ghosts/spirits/demons ect.  The very first spirit I remember ever seeing was my dad.  After him was the Indian in the back yard.  I’ve seen dark shadows with red eyes, I’ve seen dark masses with no discernible shape but horrific smell, I’ve seen women, men and children and I swear I’ve seen animal spirits.   I’ve heard laughter, talking, singing, whistling, coughing and growling.  I didn’t chose to be able too, and some days I wish I didn’t, but other days I think it’s kind of neat.  Now I in no way consider myself a medium as I don’t carry on full conversations with these beings that have passed on.  I consider myself a sensitive, in other words I’m more sensitive to their presence then most people are.  I do wish that on occasion I could have a conversation with them, just so I could help them and they’d leave me alone.

A few months back I had a woman spirit in my home.  She kept screaming my name right in my ear. .”SHANNON… HEAR ME”…and then she would become so muffled I couldn’t make out what she was saying.  She wasn’t alone either, she had 2 male spirits with her.  She was waking me up every night, several times a night screaming for me to hear her.  I kept telling her I could hear her, to tell me what she needed but every time she’d start to talk 1 of the males would show up and she’d become muffled again.  I so badly wanted to help her but I couldn’t so I had my husband smudge the apartment again and bless all the entryways.  Because I couldn’t help her she had to go.  I hated to do it because it really felt like she needed my help but I didn’t know what else I could do.

Another time we (some friends and I) were in an old abandoned house outside of Daytona, Fl.  The grass had grown up all around it and the frame of the house was starting to tilt to the side.  It was extremely cool and creepy looking so of course we just HAD to go in to check it out.  As soon as we got out of the car I could feel the anger inside the building.  I told my friend that I didn’t want to go in.  Now he knew that I had the ability to sense things, as he had seen it happen before many times so he understood but the buttheads who were with us started in with “What, you chicken” crap and me being young and bullheaded fell for it, so I went in.  My friend kept telling me he’d stay right by me and help protect me if I needed it.  We got inside the house into what was once the living room.  There was trash and animal droppings all over the place.  I could immediately feel the eye’s on me and the hair on my body stood straight up.  Even though it was central Fla in the summer I was cold to the point of shivering.  One of the buttheads noticed it too and started saying we needed to leave that it wasn’t safe in there, but butthead numero uno wanted to check out the rest of the small house.  So we headed to the hall to the bedrooms.  When we got in the hallway I heard it.  One word.. DIE… yup.. I was ready to jump out of my skin, it was whispered right in my ear.  My friend asked me if I heard that, because he had heard something too.  When I told him what was said he said that was enough it was time for me to get out.  We turned to leave and when we walked back into the living room and rock flew from the kitchen area and buzzed right by head, hitting the wall so hard it put a hole in it.  Needless to say we ran out of that house!  Even butthead number one didn’t stick around after that!  We went by it again a few years later and it had been torn down but you could still feel the anger on the property.  It makes me wonder if I went back now, many many many years later if it’d still feel the same.. or if something has been built up over it.

This isn't the house.. but it was close to something like this...

This isn’t the house.. but it was close to something like this…


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