The Walking Dead Review/Recap..

Well we only have 2 more episodes… then it’s back to trying to pretend that Sunday’s with the fam are still fun!  Lord, what will we talk about on Sunday nights when it’s over for the season??????




So it’s been rumored that over half the cast is going to die tonight.  I will be furious if Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Carl, or Daryl or Herschel dies.  I’m wondering if the Governor will come back next season.. ya know as a Zombie!  That would be a cool kill.

We start with Rick and Daryl talking but my inebriated husband was talking and I didn’t get to hear it… grrrr  Rick wants to talk to someone.. now he’s heading up to talk to Merle who is tearing up a mattress looking for drugs.  Rick tells him that they need his help.    Rick is telling Merle that if they give the Governor Michonne Woodbury will stand down.  Of course Merle makes his normal smart mouth, tells him he’s honored.  Merle tells him what Phillip use to do to people and how he wouldn’t waste a bullet.  He tells him that if he gives Michonne to Phillip he won’t kill her, he’ll torture her.  Maybe take out both her eyes, use wire instead of rope so she can’t chew through it.  He tells Rick that he knows him, he doesn’t have the spine to do it.  My husband said he can’t believe that Ricks going to give her up.. I don’t believe he is.

We come back to Carl and Maggie calling for the zombies as Glen and Daryl set up traps and Michonne slashes a few for good measure.  Rick tells him that it was a good idea and Darryl tells him it was Michonne’s idea.  Merle is alone with Carol and she asks him if he’s with them.  She makes it clear that she meant for them perm, not just cause he was there.  Merle has noticed how much she’s changed since the camp.  He tells her she’s a later bloomer, she tells him maybe he is too.

Daryl and Glen are fixing the gates when Daryl asks if Merle has said he’s sorry yet.  He tells Glen there has to be some forgiveness but Glen lets him know he can’t.  He tells him how he tied him to a chair, beat him and threw a walker on him.. then took Maggie to a man who terrorized her.  He can’t forgive him for that.  Daryl goes and finds Merle who is obviously hiding something.  Merle tries to goad Daryl by telling him he has no balls, that he use to call people like Rick sheep.  Daryl tells him how they can’t do anything anymore without people.  He tells him he wants his brother back.  When Daryl leaves Merle picks up the phone and puts it in a bag he had hidden behind something with a gun.

Herschel is reading the bible to Maggie and Beth when Rick is outside wrapping a wire around his wrists to see how it feels when he see’s Lori.  He tells her she’s not there.  This time Lori was in her same clothes and still pregnant.  Herschel tells Rick “What your about to do” and Rick says he can’t, he won’t.


Merle and Michonne are going through the halls, Merle is telling her how they need to clear out the walkers before the Governor comes.  He gets behind Michonne and knocks her out and kills the walkers.  I’m thinking Merle is going to surprise everyone and use her as bait to kill Phillip.  I think Merle may die in this.

We come back to Merle walking Michonne through the town.   He’s telling her how they need to give peace a chance.  He kills a walker w/ her sword.

Rick tells Darryl he can’t find Merle or Michonne.. they go back to where he found Merle earlier and see’s that’s where he took Michonne.  He tells Rick he’s going to go after him, that Rick is family too.

Merle is telling Michonne how this is what he has to do, to be there for his brother.. and his brother wants the prison so he’s doing it t keep the governor out of the prison.

Glen comes in to talk to Hershel.  Hershel tells him that there were always men like him, there always will be.  Glen tells him he understands what he meant when he gave him the watch.  Aww… he says he wants to marry Maggie.  Herschel tells him he has his blessing.

We come back to Merle and Michonne.  Merle ties her to a post and tries to hotwire a car.. of course a car alarm goes off and every walker comes out.  Gore shot.. Michonne is bad ass.. BITE HIM.. DAMMIT.. he got away.  They managed to get out.

OMG.. I so gotta see the new GI Joe movie… the Rock and Channing… holy hell..

Michonne is telling him how he’s chosen the wrong path.. she hit a nerve telling him that Daryl has a new family now.  she tells him that at least when the Governor is done w/ her she won’t have to live with herself.

EEWWWWW hahaha… LOL  Glen cut off a Zombie’s finger to get her wedding ring..

This is the most Michonne has talked all season!  It’s nice to see her softening up.  She’s telling him that they can just go back, both of them.  He’s telling her he can’t just go back.  She asks why and he stops the car.  He cuts her wires and tells her to go back with him and get ready for what’s next.  He says he’s got something to do on his own.  He’s going to serve up some revenge, and it’s gonna be the death of him.

We come back to find Michonne killing the head of the one that Merle took off earlier.  Daryl asks where his brother is and if she killed him.  She tells him no that he let her go.  Daryl heads off to find him.  We find Merle playing with a bunch of walkers.. lol.  he’s got the music playing loudly in a car while he’s drinking and he’s going to slowly to they’ll follow him.  He jumps out of the car and lets it roll into the place where they had their meeting.  The gunners start taking out the walkers and he starts taking the gunners out.  He’s picking them off one by one.  Go Merle!  He had the walker in his sights when a walker came up on him.  As he was killing the walker the gunners got him.  the Governor bit off 2 of his fingers!  Damn… he tells him that he’s not going to beg and Phillip said “No” and shot him!  I knew he was gone tonight.

We come back to find Glen and Maggie talking.  Glen is so sweet and cute.  I love them as a couple.  Okay though.. I didn’t really like the way he proposed to her.  That was kinda lackluster.  The prison gang is called to a meeting with Rick.    He tells them about the deal.  He tells them that he was going to do it, to keep them safe, but he changed his mind.  He tells him that Merle took Michonne to seal the deal and Daryl went to stop him but he didn’t know if it was too late.  He has apologized to them and tells them that it can’t be like what he said it was going to be that night after the farm.  He tells them that they can’t be like that and he can’t sacrifice one for the greater good.. that they are the greater good.  He tells them that it’s all up to them, that he’s not their Governor… that “WE” choose to stay or go.  I think Rick is coming back to his sense.  He walked away to find Michonne walking back up to the prison.  Not sure what that look is on his face.  I think he was kinda sad that Merle didn’t get to finish it.

Daryl comes up to the scene.  BOOYA I CALLED IT.. I told my husband he was going to find Merle as a walker and sure enough.   Poor Daryl.. he’s crying.  He keeps pushing Merle away until he finally gets the  strength he needed to kill him.




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