Another year gone.. Another year of missing you…



This is my mom.. the strongest women I ever knew.  Today marks the 13 anniversary of her departure from this world and I miss her still so much.  I’ve noticed that over time I’m forgetting more and more of the little things, the way she smelled, the sound of her voice. what her hugs felt like.. but one thing I’ll never ever forget is how much she loved me.  My father died when I was just 6 but that didn’t stop my mom.  She had 4 kids to raise and she stepped into the dual role shoe’s.  She was my mother and my father, strong, loving, protective.. all the things a good parent should be.  Sadly though because she had to work so hard to support us all she was at work more then at home, but she always managed to find a few minutes a day to spend with us all.  I thought I’d share a couple of memories with you all.


One of my earliest memories is after my dad died and we had moved into the house I grew up in.  Mom and I shared a room and my sisters had the room w/ the bathroom and my brother had his own room.  It was really really cold one night and I think the heater was out in the house (yes.. sometimes you need a heater in Fla).. and we went to bed and she snuggled up behind me, wrapped her protective arms around me and said “It’s so cold baby…try to stay warm”… You see I was the sick kid.. always getting pneumonia.. and she was worried about me getting sick in the cold so she rubbed my arms and tried to warm me up… Always loving…


Another memory I have is  about a snake.  We had this little metal shed in our back yard.. all it had in it was the organ our fathers mother gave us (mom didn’t want it in the house) and a rake.  On occasion when I would be in the back yard playing sometimes I would play in it.  This one day I opened the door to find a rattlesnake all curled up under the organ so I ran and got my mom.. she was after all my protector… she came out the back door with the broom and proceeded to beat the crap or should I say life out of that snake.  After several moments of her whacking it she came out covered in sweat but the winner of the fight…lol  that was my mom!

So.. on this day I will miss you.. I will cherish my memories of you.. I will hold you close to my heart and know that you are watching over us.  I hope I make you proud.. I hope my kids make you proud.  I’m only sorry they didn’t get to know you.  I love you mom.. always and forever.


Virginia “Ginger Lee” Underwood… 1945/2000.


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