The Walking Dead Review/Recap SEASON FINALE..

Tonight 27 people are suppose to go… I think Beth/Andrea/Herschel will be the one’s to go from the prison, although I’ve heard rumors that Glenn goes… I think the two with Tyrese will go (not his sister, the two guys), Phillip, Milton and a lot of people from Woodbury.  I’m getting excited.. can’t wait..



Okay.. it’s time.. woohoo


Awe damn.. we start with Phillip punching someone.. it’s probably Milton.  Yup.. poor Milton.  Phillip tells him it was because of him that eight of him men died.  He tells him you kill or you die.  Milton asks “What would your daughter think if she saw you today”.. he said she’d be afraid of him but if he’d been like this from the start she’d still be alive”.   He asked if Andrea was still alive and Phillip takes him into the room where Andrea is.  He tells Milton to pick up the tools that he won’t need them anymore, but he drops them.  Phillip tells him to pick them up but he leaves a pair of pliers on the floor.  Phillp tells Milton to kill Andrea and hands him a knife, instead he tries to kill Phillip but fails.  I knew he was a goner..  Phillip left Milton in the room to die with Andrea still tied up to the chair.

We are at the prison now.. Carl is looking at the picture her got for his sister.  They appear to packing everything up.  Rick tries to talk to Carl but he pulls away.  Are they leaving?  Rick see’s Lori again.  Darryl tells Carol that Merle never did anything like that his whole life.. she tells him he gave them a chance.  Michonne tells Rick they are ready.  She tells Rick that he had to think about the deal the Governor gave him, she got it.  Michonne I do believe has a thing for Rick..  She thanked him for letting her in, he tells her that it was Carl who made the call.

Phillip is trying to rile everyone up, telling them that they killed 8 men, and 5 more like that before.  Tyrese tells them that they are backing out of the fight.. that it’s not their fight.  They will stay and defend the women and children and when they get back if they want them gone they’ll leave.  Phillip gaives them a gun and thanks them.  they pull up to the prison like an army.. in military vehicles, blowing up the guard tower.  Well there’s the 27 that are gonna die.. all the walkers.    The spike strips blew the tires on the first truck.  They make their way into the prison, using the thr truck to pull the gate off.  They make their way into the ward the team lived in.  Phillip see’s a bible and picks it up.. a passage has been highlighted.  They get flashlights and make their way into the hallways…

Milton tells Andrea that he dropped a tool on the floor behind her.  She tries to pull it forward with her foot as Milton tells her that she will stab him in the head when she gets free.

They are all in the tunnels now, listening to the sounds thinking they are sneaking up on the gang.

Tyrese tells his sister that all is quiet.  Andrea gets the pliers but she feared he was dead.. he wasn’t yet.  He asks her why she stayed after she knew her friends were out there.. she tells him she wanted to save everyone.  He tells her she needs to hurry.

The booby traps start, flash bombs go off causing the walkers to come after the sirens go off.  As they start running out of the prison Glenn and them are shooting  the citizens as they try to escape.  While they were in the prison they jammed the guns on the trucks.  DANG.. Carl just dropped a boy from Woodbury!  He really has lost empathy.

This was too easy.  Carl tells him he’s going with him.. he said he took out one of the soldiers . Carl said he drew on them.  Herschel tells him that Carl murdered that boy.. that he didn’t draw on them.

Out on the road Phillip stops them on the road where most of them say they aren’t going back.. that’s when Phillip opens fire on them all.  Damn.. he killed them all except 2.  Oops, make that 3.  One woman is alive, she has a man laying on top of her.  Phillip doesn’t catch her.  He gets in the truck and motions for the 2 he left alive to get in with him.

Andrea is still trying to pick up the pliers.  She managed to pick it up but ended up dropping it.  Amazingly she has manicured toes!  She finally picks them and starts to work on freeing herself when Milton who has passed starts to turn.

Back at the prison they are getting ready to go to the city and end it.. Rick goes over to Carl and tells him Herschel told him about the boy.  He asks him if he was handing it over, Carl tells him that he had no choice.. he points out the people that Rick didn’t kill that came back and killed someone in their group.    when he gets up to leave Carl dropped the badge.  Glen and Maggie say they are staying in case the Governor comes back.  That leaves just  the few of them to go to the town.  Carol had the gore shot of the night I do believe.

The come up on the trucks in the road and find walkers eating some of the victims.  Michonne is badass with that sword.    Oh lord.. my heart jumped a bit.. The woman who lived was in the truck and she jumped up.. for a minute I thought she was going to get Darryl.

Milton has turned!  Andrea is trying hard to get loose.    She got one wrist free, finally the other.  OMG.. it showed the door from the outside and we heard Andrea screaming!!!  We won’t know if she dies or not.

We come back to the town where Rick and them are being shot at by Tyrese.. Karen tells Tyrese that she’s fine… that the Governor killed all of them.  She tells him that they saved her.  Tyrese opens the gate for them when he tells them they are coming out.  Tyrese asked them what they were doing.  They tell Tyrese that Andrea never made it to the prison.. They take them to where they held Glen and Maggie.. they find blood coming out from under the door..  They open the door to find Andrea on the floor.. she says she tried to stop it and shows where Milton was bit.  She says she tried to stop it… she asks about the gang.  She tells Darryl it was good he found them.. that no one can make it alone now.. he tells her that he never could.  She tells them she’ll do it herself, meaning shoot herself in the head.. Michonne is crying.  Michonne tells her she’s not going anywhere.  Andrea tells them she tried, Rick tells her yeah she did.  They go out the door while Andrea takes her own life with Michonne in the room with her.

They return to the prison with a funky make shift school bus.  That means the Governor will be back next season.  they brought the people from the town to the prison.  Carl doesn’t look happy about it.. Rick is looking for Lorri but doesn’t see her.

Well.. we have six months until it comes back on… Guess we gotta figure out what to talk about now with the fam on Sunday nights..


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Review/Recap SEASON FINALE..

  1. I just LOVED that pic! I myself have some catching up to do with the Walking Dead. (Now that sounded funny in my head. Hell, now I’m rhyming…) Last I watched was season 1, episode 1… The death of the horse was too much for me to handle.

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