Lacy’s Journal

Disclaimer (the following journal entries are all fictional, any resemblance to any person famous or otherwise is completely coincidental ).  Also contains X-Rated scenes.. if your EASILY offended.. do yourself a favor and leave this blog.. Thank you.



WTF!!!  We got up Monday morning so Jackson could leave before the kids got up to find my car completely opened.  I mean all 4 doors opened, the trunk opened and the hood!  Needless to say Jackson was furious and would not allow me to drive it until it had been checked out.  I had a picture of me and Craig in the glove box from a vacation we took last year that I had just never remembered to bring in and whoever got in the car scratched Craig’s face out of it.  Now we aren’t sure if this is someone mad at Craig or me.  It’s very disturbing and I’m seriously scared now.


I called Craig and told him what happened and told him the cops were coming to talk to him to see if there was anyone who would have an issue with him.  He said they didn’t have to come to him, he was coming to them.  20 Minutes later he was at the house.  Jackson is not allowed to work the case since he is “involved” so they sent over Officer Russel, the one who came over the other day.  He asked us both all kinds of questions.  I think I upset Jackson because I made him leave the room while the 3 of us talked.  I didn’t think it would be very nice to Craig if Jackson was sitting there listening to everything.  He said he understood but still, I could tell he was upset.

After Officer Russel left Craig asked me if I was okay.  I told him no, I wasn’t.  My life was so crazy right now and I just didn’t understand what the hell happened.  I just started crying.. it all hit me and I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Craig came over and hugged me and it felt so…. relieving to be in his arms again.. those arms I’ve loved for so many years.  I hugged him back and I could feel his body relax into mine.  It was just us again.. regardless of everything going on and I realized… I miss him.

What have I gotten into?




5 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. Yea I’m thinking it could be the chick claiming the kid is Craigs even though it really isn’t his. I think this was set up from the beginning. Now I see it. Jackson and the other cop are playing the Kiss The Girls thing, they recruited the chick a year ago, stole some ruffies from the evidence locker and gave her to use on him, then when he came too she said they had sex, Jackson is the one who really got her pregnant, but they are claiming it is his so they can extort money and Jackson can put the moves on her so she can later end up in a well in his basement putting lotion on her skin while he ends up dead in his garage. The chick and the other cop are both vandalizing her place to throw the cops off so they can’t trace it to one person. Got it all figured out.

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