Getting to know me.. getting to know all about me…

Good morning blogging friends.. Today I thought I’d tell you a few things about me.. things you may or may not know, things that might be some of my favorite things, some may just be facts about me.. feel free to comment about it.. or better yet.. tell me a little about you!


1)  I love the purple and red lollipops from the bank.. so much so that the tellers now give me several every time I go to the bank.. which is everyday for

2) I love lizards… hate snakes.. guess it’s cause they have no legs.. lol

3) Like hamsters… hate rats.. guess it’s cause rats have tails? lol

4) My husband says I’m addicted to sex.. I see no problem with that.. I think he does

5) I love the way it feels when my husband rubs his hands on my back.. not massaging just rubbing.. it’s a calming effect for me and can put me to sleep.. (oh and yeah.. I love my butt to be rubbed too.. I know, I’m weird)

6) I went through a shoplifting phase when I was a teenager.. stole a crap load of make up.  Never got caught thank God.

7) Strawberries are my most favorite fruit.. I love to freeze them then eat on them frozen…

8) I have a very real fear of starving to death.. have no clue as to why or how it started.. but I’m always scared when the fridge is getting to be empty.

9) I have a reoccurring dream about a faceless man.  In my dream I’m not scared of him.. in fact quite the opposite.. he’s very loving, always safe feeling.. but I’ve never been able to see his face.

and lastly

10) I have a GIGANTIC fear of roaches.. I have sat in the middle of the road at night before crying waiting on my mom to get me because of the roaches in the house I was babysitting at.. yeah.. I left the creepy little kid in the house alone.. the roaches were his “friends”…If a roach ever told me to get out of my own house.. I’d leave.. he could have it..



I hum.. a lot.. when I’m anxious..


5 thoughts on “Getting to know me.. getting to know all about me…

  1. Not to be a copycat, but I think I might do a post like this maybe. Seems fun.
    Um, being addicted to sex sounds like a good thing, sheesh! 😉 😉
    Ew, roaches…even the word is gross, isn’t it?

  2. My partner and i said, “Can I read that? I am aware the particular guy. He functions to get a Greek car or truck services about the block. ” After my own moving past a person’s eye assessment, the girl rubber stamped spotify premium code our sorts, expressing, “Your permit will be best for some many years. ” Next, gleefully directing to some long cashier’s line,
    the girl included, “You will pay on the cashier. inches “Four several years
    through any time? inch I inquired. “From when i receive exactly in danger or maybe through while get off the particular line? ” When appears could
    possibly get rid of, the design your woman afforded everyone could’ve murdered some sort of Brontosaurus the dimensions of the DMV backlog. For the cashier’s range I ended
    up near a man listening to a compact radio. Immediately after a pair
    of a long time involving eavesdropping with media stories as well as financial
    updates, I found out and about which in the moment I might already been waiting for this series, the
    buck had devaluated by means of regarding some
    percent within the Japanese market, your national financial debt acquired risen
    by simply concerning 6-8 pct, and the individuals seemed to be
    sporting thin through regarding 18 %. By the period I reached this cashier’s windowpane, I had a pretty strong idea of the way the globe personal marketplaces function — although My spouse and i even now hadn’t
    this foggiest clue about the fact that DMV can.

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