Who me… obsessed???? Naw

Have you ever obsessed on something?? I mean really obsessed?  I have a tendency of doing that on so many things.. I find some new food that I love and I eat it until I’m sick to death of it.. can anyone say hummus?  When I started exercising a totally over did it to the point of getting not 1 but 2 Hernia’s that I’m still recovering from and now I’m obsessing on boxing.. to the point I wanted pink boxing gloves for my anniversary and GOT THEM!  I use to joke that I had an addictive personality… guess it’s true..



See.. mine are the pink one’s.. my hubby’s are the blue one’s.. we gave each other the gift of good health for our soon to be 4th anniversary!

I have some other things that I’m totally obsessing on but I’m not about to put it on here (I have family that reads this).. but some of you (my followers) know what it is.. and I’m becoming completely obsessed on it.  I day dream about it at work.. I pray that I get to experience it more and more.. I guess it’s a good thing that I stopped doing drugs a long time ago..



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