Okay.. now this is just wrong… on ALL levels



As someone who use to weigh 270 lbs I know what it’s like to be discriminated against simply because of my body shape… I always thought that if I lost weight then I wouldn’t have to feel the shame and embarrassment anymore, but guess what??? That’s not true.  Now that I’m down to 150 lbs I’m not only discriminated against for being thin (Girl.. you need to eat.. you look sick.. you look too skinny) but I’m discriminated against because I opted to have surgery to help get the weight off.. “Oh.. YOU didn’t do anything to lose weight.. you cheated”.. yeah whatever.. you have no clue of what I went through.  So when I saw this article I thought.. first.. good for her for going in the first place.. I would have been to ashamed to go at that weight.. but then I thought.. WTF.. really.. not only are they outright telling her she’s “too fat” but they are refusing to give her her money back.  How much humiliation does a human have to endure just because of their weight?  I’m sure if she was “pretty” or “perfect” by their standards they would have offered something in return since the machine was broken.  Maybe a month’s free tanning.. or free tanning lotions.. or something.  When will people stop judging people because they are fat or skinny… get to know them for who they are.. not what they look like.


6 thoughts on “Okay.. now this is just wrong… on ALL levels

  1. Stupid fucking company!!!!! Its also illegal to do that here. I used to be big (a size 26) and couldn’t find shops that even went up to a size 16 or 18, let alone bigger. I lost the weight by being dumped, having to quit the job we both worked at, finding a new place to live and being left £8,000 in debt. (I did go down to a size 8 then, now back to a okay size 14). Should start a campaign to shut them down!!!!

    (Also, loving the white on black, I can follow it easier)

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