A Couple of My Can’t Live Withouts

Yesterday I got in my Avon order, THANK GOD, and I thought I should blog about a couple of things that I simply adore!  Now I don’t know about you but I love make up.  I mean I really love it.. I’m such a girly girl when it comes to it.  If I could.. I’d buy new make up every week!  I see a commercial for a new eye liner or mascara and BOOM.. I gotta get it!  I have to try it.  Sad part  though is most times I’ll wait 6 months or a year until the bring the price down before I’ll buy it.. but still.. I will try it at some point..

Now back to my Avon order.  I have the toughest time getting my mascara off.  It doesn’t matter what I use, soap & water, those make up remover wipes.. hell I’ve even bought the cover girl eye make up remover and it doesn’t work… but this.. oh.. how I love this!  This is the ONLY make up remover that I have ever used that actually takes off my mascara and doesn’t sting my eye’s.  I HIGHLY suggest this to any woman who wears mascara.  This product is normally $4.99, but you can usually get it on sale for $1.99 like I did.. Woot Woot..


Sorry the pic is blurry.. stupid camera!

The next product from Avon that I just have to rave about is their Glimmer Sticks eye liner!  OMGOODNESS how I love these.  They come in a variety of colors, some are sparkly some or just deep rich colors.  They go on smooth and you get a great amount for your money.   You can twist it up to the size you like, it never needs sharpening and you can usually find it on sale!  I always stock up when they are.. they are normally like $7.99 each but I get them when they are marked down to $1.99 or $2.99!  


So if your a woman and looking for a couple of make up products you just can’t live without.. these are it!!  If your a man looking to buy your girl something different, of course only if she’s into make up like I am… try these two out!

BTW.. I have a friend who sells Avon.. if your looking for a rep.. she sells online.. I did NOT write this for her..lol.. These truly are 2 products I cannot live without.. I mean dang.. look how many eye liners I have… plus I have 2 of the eye make up removers..


12 thoughts on “A Couple of My Can’t Live Withouts

  1. I’m not allowed to order Avon on my own any more 😦 Stoned shopping isn’t good, last order I put in (on my own) was over £80!!!! ALWAYS have loved Avon, Mum was a rep when I was little so I played with all the samples, and then began my love of make up buying (hardly wear the stuff now days tho)

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