Lacy’s Journal

Disclaimer (the following journal entries are all fictional, any resemblance to any person famous or otherwise is completely coincidental ).  Also contains X-Rated scenes.. if your EASILY offended.. do yourself a favor and leave this blog.. Thank you.


Oh my body is in such pain… Lets see.. I went back to work after lunch with Jackson and then got in my car to go pick up the kids after work… I remember driving down the street,  Bidwell Street, the big hill one near work.. I got to the bottom and tried to stop for the light but then….. that’s all I remember.  I woke up in the hospital Thursday.  I have a broken leg, a broken rib and several contusions.  The police investigator said that my brake lines were cut.  At first they asked me what I remembered but what I said was all I could, then they told what happened..  When I couldn’t stop I slammed into a car with a mom and 3 kids in it.  I can hardly write what’s next… the mom is dead..  She died on the scene.  God please… I killed someone.. I can’t stop crying.  They are keeping me heavily sedated for the most part.. but I had to get this down before I forgot any of it.  The children are okay thankfully.  They have determined that my car was indeed tampered with so they are not charging me with the accident.  They had an officer posted at my door the entire time I was in the hospital and now that I’m back home they have an officer posted outside my house around the clock.  This is now a full attempted murder/ murder case.  They have said whomever has done this will be charged with the murder of the woman driving the car… oh that poor family.. I can’t stop crying….

The meds are kicking in.. before they do I have to say that Craig has moved back home.  He said he refuses to leave me and the kids alone any longer.. that he should have never left us alone this long.  Jackson comes by to see me everyday, Craig has not told him to leave.  He said he wouldn’t that he’d wait until  I was well enough to tell him one way or the other.  He’s been very good, catering to my every need.  It’s been nice to have him here… Well I gotta sleep now… Maybe tomorrow Ill be able to stay awake without crying so much.



26 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. OMG, poor Lacy! This is horrific, whoever is doing this needs to do more than end up in a prison cell!
    (Have you decided how long Lacy’s journal will be? Will you keep us hanging on for years? OMG I don’t want these to end)

  2. Well the police station whore has made it clear she knows nothing about cars, just getting laid, and the same with the one who tried to say her baby was Craigs. So that leaves Jackson and his creepy buddy who would know how to do this.

  3. I don’t care if this ends with Jackson saving everyone’s lives and getting a presidential medal. I will still say he is a stalker psycho serial killer with a sex dungeoun under his house where he rapes and kills women and that he has been in on everything from the very beginning. Wait for book 2, you will see I’m right!

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