Crush of the Month ~April

yeah yeah yeah.. okay so the month is almost over.. I couldn’t decide who I wanted it to be..


So here ya go… I’ll make it short and sweet..

My crush this month is….



Yes that’s right.. Tony Stewart.. the bad boy of Nascar.  Honestly I haven’t watched much Nascar in the last 6 years (mainly because Nascar had pissed me off so badly) but I still check on him and where he’s standing at.  We’ve seen him go from hot headed new comer to a little rounder to grey headed back to in shape… but always himself.  Yup.. he’s good looking, famous… rich.. drives fast.. I bet his fucks just as hard and fast as he drives… mm mm mmmm…


2 thoughts on “Crush of the Month ~April

  1. Oh good lord. As for the fucking well I have a feeling all the bad boy, hot headed, drive fast, rich, famous stuff is his way of overcomensating for lacking in the bedroom.

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