Lacy’s Journal

Disclaimer (the following journal entries are all fictional, any resemblance to any person famous or otherwise is completely coincidental ).  Also contains X-Rated scenes.. if your EASILY offended.. do yourself a favor and leave this blog.. Thank you



Woke up this morning to find someone had wrote “You should have died” on my cast during the night.. I never heard them or felt anything.. the pain meds had me completely knocked out!  OMG.. whoever this was came into my house.. was never seen by the police outside.. I’m so scared now..


I don’t know what to do.  I had the investigating officer check the nanny-cams.. They’ve got someone on the film but they can’t make out the face.  It appears to be a female, small build.. 5’3 ish.. maybe 130lbs according to Investigator Chase.  She came in through the laundry room window, the only one that wasn’t secured.  They are questioning everyone we know now.  My job has called me and told me not to worry about coming back until I’m “healed and no longer in danger” which means they don’t want the danger there.  My parents have taken the kids to stay with them for awhile.. just so they can feel some security and safety because they can’t feel it here.


Jackson has told me that he will not leave my side.. that even if Craig pitches a fit he’s going to be here at the house from now on until this person is caught, whether it’s staying inside or sleeping on the front lawn.  Craig said he needed to sleep outside where the dogs are suppose to sleep.  The two of them are trying to be civil to each other but you can feel it boiling up between them.  I asked Jackson to please just go home for now.  When I’m feeling better I will call him but right now I needed to be alone and try to figure some things out.  He said he would but he was still going to drive by and make sure things are secured.  Jenna has said she will come stay days with me while Craig is at work and he’ll take the night shifts.  This way I’ll never be alone… Well the pain meds are starting to kick in so I need to go..


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