My Crush of the Month for May

So I’m gonna go back to my roots on this month’s crush.. I’m a country girl at heart.. yeah I love my glam bands.. my metal bands and so on.. but I do love country music too.. There’s just something about a good heart wrenching country song that you’d swear they wrote it thinking  about you and what your going through in your own life at that moment in time!  So for the month of May my crush is gonna be this guy.. who is celebrating his 46th birthday today..

tim tim2


That top picture is a recently released picture.. DAMN HE MAKES 46 LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!!  And he wears that hat ever so nicely.. plus he sings!!!  What a country hottie..


6 thoughts on “My Crush of the Month for May

    • He’s got 2 songs that really mean a lot to me.. his “My next 30 yrs” came out when I turned 30 so that one means something to me.. and his “Live like you were dying” came out when I was being tested for Uterine Cancer and it looked like I had it and I was terrified.. so that really hit home for me..

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