The Lefty Righty…

So for over a year now I’ve been struggling trying to work through this problem I have with my left shoulder.  After an MRI and countless ultrasounds it’s been diagnosed at “Frozen Shoulder”… if you’ve never heard of it, don’t feel bad.. neither did I until I managed to get it.  It is exactly what it says it is.. it’s frozen.. I’ve lost more then 70% of motion in my shoulder in one direction.. more then 30% in another direction and if I have to do something like say… hook a bra from the back.. OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN AND SATAN IN arm just does NOT go in that direction.. the pain is too bad…but anyways.. the reason for this post is.. something I have noticed since I’ve started dealing with this crap.. I’m right handed.. have been my whole life.. now I can use both hands to write, I’m a little ambidextrous.. I mean it’s not like a perfect handwriting.. but still.. you can understand what I’m writing… but I’m seriously a right hander, although I do shoot left handed pool.. but that’s my brothers fault.. he’s a lefty and taught us girls how to

Anyways.. since I’ve been unable to use my left arm without pain I’ve realized that I do EVERYTHING with my left hand!  I drink my drinks with my left hand, I carry my purse on my left shoulder, I reach to turn my alarm off in the morning with my left arm even though it’s on my right side and I even reach to open my bedroom door with my left arm… I shave my legs w/ my left hand.. I’m kinda wondering if really.. I’m left handed but just hiding it??????  WTF!! LOL  When I try to do these things w/ my right arm/hand I feel completely out of my realm.. it is things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm





11 thoughts on “The Lefty Righty…

  1. I’m the same, with using my hands. I do everything “cack handed” or so my Mum says 😀 For the shoulder you need injections in it, that helps. When my parents get back from holiday I can give you more advice. The both have had it (have it) and the injections help, not sure what is IN the injection, but they will. Do your bra at the front then twist it round. Try not to protect you left shoulder as much because you will make it weaker. And learn to wank with your right hand 😉

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