Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Royal Jackass!!!





Okay, so anyone who has ever seen these models for this store or have gone into the store they would know that this company caters to the skinny, the young.. they beautiful!  I went into one of their stores not long ago, found a cute T shirt for clearance price of $7 so yeah.. I bought it.. but while standing there freezing to death waiting to pay I noticed all of the employees were teenagers except for the manager, all were in tank tops and either low riding jeans or even shorts.  I asked the little girl behind the counter “Aren’t you freezing??? It’s 45 outside and I’m standing here shivering to death in my jacket”.. she said “We have to wear clothes like this to work here.. and they make us buy them and we aren’t allowed to wear sweaters or jackets or anything with longer sleeves..”.. now keep in mind she whispered this to me so she wouldn’t be over heard.  She also told me that her and another girl working there will go to the storeroom and do jumping jacks and pushups.. anything to get their blood going to help warm them up.  I thought to myself “wow.. what kind of a place runs it’s employee’s like this??? and even if I could have been one of those skinny perfect girls in High School would I have wanted to work where I a) had to buy their clothes and not what I wanted but what they told me too and b) had to freeze to death all winter?  HELL NO..

Now fast forward a few weeks and this jackass Mike Jeffries come’s out and flat out says he doesn’t want fat or uncool people in his stores.  That fat people will never be “cool” or in the “in crowd”.. EXCUSE ME MR. JEFFRIES.. but who.. WHO made you judge and jury on what is a beautiful person?  BTW have you looked in a mirror lately????   I can pretty much guarantee you were never ever ever in the “in crowd”.. I’m sure you had to work hard, struggled to get through school and college to work your way up the ladder to get to the position where you are now…So let me ask you this??? How would you feel if you could not have gotten where you are if YOU would have been judged by your looks only???  I’d bet you be throwing a fit that you were discriminated against because of your looks.

At one time I wanted nothing more then to be a size where I could wear the cool clothes.. the “in crowd” clothes.. Victoria’s Secret was out of my reach for most of my life.. I didn’t even dare go into your store before because I already knew you had nothing for me.. NO ONE had to come out and say it to make me feel worse.. it was implied by your ad’s..still.. people shopped there.. making you richer and richer.. but now.. God willing.. the American Public will boycott your store.. as I know I will.. I will not give you another dime of my money because of your stupidity.  I may not have spent much there.. but any is better then none.  Don’t believe me??? Ask the the owners of the Papaya Stores… I haven’t even stepped back in there in over 3 yrs because of the treatment I received there!  It’s time for everyone to realize that WE THE PEOPLE have the power… we don’t have to be sheeple and flock to a store because some Hollywood starlet shops there… We don’t have to be told that we are scum unless we look like this.. or we are a size 4.. whatever.. be who you are.. learn to love yourself in your own skin and damn the rest.. yeah yeah.. I know I know.. “Shannon.. this can’t be you .. you hate yourself”..yeah.. I do.. and it’s because I’ve let people like this get into my head my whole life.. I’m working hard on not doing that anymore.. so I say..




My name is Shannon and I approve this message!


4 thoughts on “Abercrombie & Fitch CEO, Royal Jackass!!!

  1. When I read the article on the CEO for Abercrombie & Dick I was pretty pissed off. First, I hate the store because it makes me want to puke when I get the wind sucked out of me from the strong overpowering perfume, and second there is really nothing original about it. Yeah there are a few small pieces like you found that are okay, but to be forced to only wear that brand…sorry to say I can think of other brands that are superior. You are right that the CEO did not get to where he would be by his “looks” so it is pretty to sad that he is trying to reclaim his former years as the “cool kid” now.

    • I totally agree.. I tell you I felt so bad for that poor little girl that day… it was freezing outside and felt like the AC was on in the store.. He really needs a reality check and I think by the majority of the population putting their cash and cc’s back in their wallets and not shopping there would give him that check…

  2. If they were here, I would boycott them!! I won’t shop at Marks & Spencer or Etam (if it stills exists) because BOTH of them told me to get a breast reduction so their bra’s / jackets would fit me!!!! Also I wouldn’t shop in Laura Ashley for years until they introduced larger sizes.

    • I refused to shop at Victoria’s Secret for ever until they finally started making larger sizes.. but they are doing it discreetly.. I have a pair of pants from there that are a small and they are HUGE on me.. so they make their stuff bigger but have smaller sizes on it.. I will NEVER go back to Papaya.. ever… and I will not shop at A&F anymore either.. the only reason I won’t get rid of the shirt is I paid for it.. and I hate wasting money.. so I will wear it til it’s no good anymore.. maybe it’ll become my painters shirt when and if I ever get back into painting…

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