My Mothers Day Gift….

Well this year Mothers Day kinda sucked.. My car died Friday so what little money we have HAS to go to getting my car out of car prison.. ya know… pay the bail so I can take it home until it’s bad again..So this morning I got to sleep in a little late.. my husband made me scrambled eggs and a piece of toast.. ย he gave me a card from him and one from the kids… then he went to sleep since he was up ALL night again last night..I went to the gym and was impressed with myself because I did 3 miles.. go me! ย When I got home my baby girl had gotten home from church and was on the computer… She told me stay right there and ran to her room and came out with this….



Aweeee she loves me.. She also told me that she wanted to make me a card but time slipped away from her and she didnt get to it.. but it was going to say ‘Roses are red, violets are blue.. butterflies are beautiful and so are you”… I truly love that little girl..


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