I got nothing..

So here I am.. sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon.. with nothing to do!  It’s rainy outside so I’m not going anywhere.. There’s nothing on TV worth watching so I let my hubby have the TV (figures.. I get control and there aint crap on)… and he’s put in “Snakes on a Plane“.. cause I haven’t seen it and he’s been quoting it for two days.. “I’m really tired of these Mother Fucking Snakes on this Mother Fucking Plane”…. he won’t relax until I see it.. so thats where I am!

Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyways… I figured I would do some blogging.. but now I have nothing to blog about!  My Lacy’s Journals are coming to a close soon.. and I have no idea of what to write about after.. I thought I’d try to write something deep and meaningful.. but I have nothing.. thought I’d write about something funny and witty.. nope.. nothing there either… damn!  Guess I’m letting you all down.. I’m sorry.  Lemme think for awhile and see if I come up with something for y’all…. I’ll be back!


7 thoughts on “I got nothing..

      • Hey, back in the day when I used to sell phones inside of Home Depot birds would get in there all the time. I worked with this one guy who was lazy, complained and used to call sick for sunburns. (He also keyed my car when he finally got fired for it, though it was never proven.) The birds must have sensed his black heart because while he was working one shit on the side of his face. He went his whole shift till I got there working like that (talking to customers). It wasn’t until I asked him what was on his face that he realized it. That’s what I call karmic justice. 😉

        • hahaha.. that’s funny.. I love birds.. outside.. in their natural habitat.. Inside.. no ma’am. Birds are not meant to be pets or locked up in cages. I’ve been attacked by 2 in the past.. 1 in a pet store (a great big blue parrot that went nuts when me and my sister walked by.. she ended up with bruises all over her back from it’s wings) and 1 because I was stupid and tried to catch it because I figured it was someone’s pet and had gotten out.. I will NEVER again try to catch a bird..lol. I just can’t stand the scratching sound in the ceiling.. it freaks me out.

  1. Hey Shanny! Bugger your having a bad day. So take your time, and see you when your back. Actually just a simple post like this with your thoughts is cool. It’s real and I love that….Hugs Paula xx

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