It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… it’s.. it’s.. a bird

So Saturday at work we heard something crawling around in the ceiling.. and my first thought was rats.. why rats… well this is why rats



Something had just dug in my plant a few days before, burrowed in it… so of course when I heard that in the ceiling I naturally assumed that it was rats.. and they were digging in my plant at night… man I hate rats…

Well I get in to work today and it sounds like the birds of hell are squawking and scratching away right above my head and it’s freaking me the hell out..  I wrote a post before about this bird that lied to me and told me it loved me… birds are liars.. and they freak me out!!! Anyways… we lift the tiles up in the ceiling and open the doors to hopefully let these demon’s out… About an hour goes by and finally one flies down but refuses to go out the door…we have to corral it out the door and it flew into a car, into another car and into a tire.  It was just a baby, not real strong on the flying thing yet.. but it was out of my ceiling so I figured.. okay.. I’m safe now…  Did I mention that when I got into work this morning my plant had been burrowed into AGAIN.. this time even more so!  So I was already freaked out about that then had the Alfred Hitchcock moment going on over my head… it was a stressful day I tell you… and when this baby bird finally flew out I thought it would calm down.. but nooooooooo.. why do I ever think things will go easier or better for me????

Well about an hour later it started all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SQUAWKKKKKKKKKKKK SQUAAAAAWWWWWKKKKKKKKKKKKKK flop flop flop.. scratch scratch scratch…. oh Dear Jesus!!! wrapped in swaddling clothing.. save me from the birds!!!  So we started tapping the tiles again.. banging them up and down trying to get the bird to fly down… which it does.. but instead of flying out the door that was opened right there it went in the opposite direction… down the hall and into the bathroom… Where Tony (one of the instructors) cornered it and caught it.. it was a baby.. didn’t have all of it’s feathers yet..



bird bird2


We left the doors opened and the tiles up all day.. hopefully this little guy was the last of his family… Now to figure out what’s burrowing in my plant!


6 thoughts on “It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… it’s.. it’s.. a bird

  1. Your house is able to attract birds. This means it is warm and has lots of food. At least, it hasn’t attracted any rats yet! May I know what good foodstuff did you store in your house so that when I’m hungry I don’t need to go looking for a restaurant! LOL!

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