Pretty sure this is how I looked today

As most of you know I recently took up boxing as a way to exercise.. I even got Pink Boxing Gloves for my anniversary present.. and I had gotten up to about 40 mins or so of beating the hell out of that bag.. I loved it!!!  But my stupid arm said….”””Whoa there nelly.. we won’t be doing this anytime soon”.. so I’ve had to stop.. sad, I know..


Well today when I went to the gym to get my boring 45 mins to an hour on the treadmill I was lucky enough to be there at the same time they were having a Zumba class.

images (6)

They are usually at 7 pm but with it being a holiday and them closing early they had an early class.  The instructor saw me getting ready to do the treadmill and asked if I wanted to join.  I told her I had a frozen shoulder and didn’t think I could do it because of it.. she said.. “Oh girl… c’mon in and take the class.. I’ll watch ya to see if it’s too much.. just don’t use your arm and if it hurts to move in a certain direction modify it to what you can do.. Everyone is welcomed to come in and try”… So I decided.. what the hell.. go do what ya can… and… I DID THE WHOLE HOUR!!!! and apparently she is the “hardcore” Zumba instructor… I’ll admit my arm was killing me but I persevered through it all..  I’m pretty sure however.. I kinda looked like this (but with only one arm)…




9 thoughts on “Pretty sure this is how I looked today

  1. Zumba is GREAT! I love taking it in a class setting as opposed to my dvd’s I have at home… We ALL look FABULUS doin Zumba!!!

    • It’s a FANTASTIC work out.. burns lots of calories.. stretches all the muscles.. I love zumba but haven’t done it because of the arm.. it was nice to do it today.. even if I was looking gimpy…lol

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