Lacy’s Journal

Disclaimer (the following journal entries are all fictional, any resemblance to any person famous or otherwise is completely coincidental ).  Also contains X-Rated scenes.. if your EASILY offended.. do yourself a favor and leave this blog.. Thank you



This is still Jackson.  We have a lead.. following it up now.  Apparently a lady that used to work with Lacy called the police station in a panic.  She said she has nothing to do with it and wanted to clear herself of everything.  She came down to the station to give a formal statement.  She said her sister recently had a baby and that she was suffering from extreme postpartum depression, to the point they’ve been afraid she was going to harm herself or the baby.  Her sisters name is Tammie and Tammie and Shane have been best friends for years.  They shared everything.   She went on to tell us how Tammie had a one night fling with me, about a year ago.. I barely remember her.  She was at a bar and I picked her up and we went to a hotel and well.. she was just not that good in the sack.. I blew her off as soon as it was over and left… I gave her money for cab fare and left.


Beckie went on to tell us that shortly after that her office threw a party and she confided in a fellow co-worker that she’d been friendly with for awhile and he seemed genuinely concerned for her.  Yup, you guessed it.. it was Craig.  They got really drunk that night and ended up having a one night fling.  Craig, realizing what he did the next day told her it could not and would not ever happen again.. that he loved his wife dearly and never meant to hurt her this way and that he was going to tell her everything.. he just had to figure out how.. well before he figured out how she turned up pregnant.  She played him like a fool.  She was already pregnant before they slept together.  Well the day that Lacy confronted Craig about it Craig apparently told her about it and it set her off.  When she found out from Beckie that Lacy and I were having this affair and Craig was still pining away for her it made her snap.  She left the baby at their mothers house and has just been so chaotic the last couple of weeks.   Then when Shane was arrested she went to see him in the jail and told him if he ever told anyone who it was she’d kill Lacy… and Shane was delusional in thinking that he stood a chance with Lacy.  That’s why he did everything for Tammie… she promised him she’d get me and Craig away from Lacy to leave her lonely and then Shane could just swoop in and be her rescuer.



I almost lunged over the table at Beckie.  She looked right at me and told me Tammie will kill Lacy..she’s unstable and not in her right mind.. but when she said that Lacy deserved it.. I thought I was going to kill her.  I swear she grinned.. the fucking slut.  She’s getting her jollies out of this because I turned her down.. I just know it!  She swears she has no idea where Tammie is or where she would have taken Lacy.  They put her on watch and told her not to leave town.

Now the next thing… is the baby mine?  On her way out Beckie said.. “you should go get a  DNA test.. because that baby is yours”…

My heart is tearing to shreds.. because of me and Craig, Lacy is in real danger.. she could be dead.. If she doesn’t make it.. I will just be a shell of a man.

I’ve called in a few favors from some friends I know.. I now have several PI’s looking for her.. Lacy.. when we find you.. I promise you.. I will love you forever and I will never ever ever let anyone ever hurt you again.. God, please let her be safe.. let her be alive.. if not for me.. for her babies.. they need their mommy.

Craig woke up this morning.. his first words were.. “Your too late”.. does he know something we don’t?



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