Hmmmm… A Previous Life Maybe?

this is my 2nd great grand Uncle...

this is my 2nd great grand Uncle…


Me before the weight loss

Me before the weight loss

So I’m doing my family tree on Ancestry… I came across this picture of my 2nd great grand uncle Eli…. hmmm I’ve always said I had a previous life and I was a man in it… here’s the proof!!!!!!  Scary huh.. My question is… Why couldn’t I take after my great grandmother Clydia Underwood????

So beautiful...

So beautiful…

Your Body is Your Canvass



I love my tattoo’s.  None of them are big, none are specially drawn for anything or anyone.. they are all just tattoo’s.  One is special because it was the first tattoo I ever got.. another is special because it was the first one my husband paid for me to get, it’s a heart and I think of it as him giving me his heart.. the other he got me is special because it was a gift from him.. the 4th.. I just really liked it and the colors they used.. and the last one.. well my best friend got the same exact one at the same time (on our girls weekend) to remind each other that no matter what.. we are always with the other one.. heart and soul..I would like to get some more.. some with meaning.. my never again symbol.. something for my mother’s memory.. my kids names… those will have to wait though..

I have never regretted any of my ink, my only regret is I waited til I was 30 to get my first.  I won’t regret them at 80 because a) I’ll be happy if I get to live that long and b) NOBODY will have perfect skin at 80, so at least mine will be colorful and interesting.. not just old age spots and wrinkles.

Recently I had a discussion at work with an older co-worker (when I say older I mean like 70ish) about tattoo’s in the work place.  He preceded to tell me that the only reason people get tattoo’s is for attention only..he said they are just a phase and will be dying out soon and will never be accepted in the work place… yeah.. I shook my head too.  He asked me to name 1 thing from my childhood that was still around and thriving (trying to trip me up).. I said “Gaming”… I’m a child of the 70’s/80’s and that’s when home video gaming systems came out.. they are now a billion dollar industry and going strong.. then I told him computers in general… to which I got ‘Well.. that’s different’.. uh huh.

I told him that tattoo’s have been around since the beginning of time, that they have always been and will always be here.  He said.. “Well sure, there will always be a drunken sailor or drunken soldier who does it on a dare or some bimbo who rebels at 18 and gets one she’ll regret later in life”…. it was at this point I knew drop it or have it out.. so I left him with this..

“Well.. all I can say is how thankful that I am that your generation, which to me is the MOST judgmental group of people I’ve ever dealt with is now at retirement age and is stepping down from being the leaders of the companies that you believe will not tolerate tattoo’s in the work place.  It’s time that people judge others by their character.. not their skin color, their decision of inking their body or not.. let them been seen for who they are and what they do rather then what they look like”….

He didn’t say anything to it… he knew he lost..

tattoo # 4 - finished!

tattoo # 4 – finished! (Photo credit: Tracy Lee)




She stands there alone

left with her thoughts

she’s been very bad

and now she has to face him..

he’s ordered her to be in position

completely free of clothes…

nothing to hamper his punishment..

how long must she wait

the seconds feel like hours

the excitement rising

her sex swelling with desire.

this is not for her pleasure,

this is strictly for him

she wants to please him

to be corrected of her wrong doings

to be reminded he is in control

and his control is to protect and love her

she see’s where she’s let him down,

her head lowers

her eyes to the floor

she hears him come in

she dare not speak unless he allows her.

The anticipation of what is to come is overwhelming

her senses fired up

her wetness dangerously close to overflowing

“You will learn my pet, to trust in me”…

No more thinking.. only feeling.