My Crush of the Month for June

So I’m gonna do a throw back for this month.. my first real love… he is the driving force behind my love of Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes… I would have married him in a heartbeat… still would (if I wasn’t already married that is)…

So here ya go.. my crush of the month for June




VINCE NEIL FROM MOTLEY CRUE..OMG.. I lusted after him so much.. fantasized about him… total groupie… followed them all over the state of Florida/Georgia and Alabama..





Now what I didn’t tell you yet is I actually met him.. and was so star struck I couldn’t talk to him.. I just started crying…. I just stood there, blubbering and crying… unable to tell him how much I loved him.. how much I wanted him.. which is probably for the best cause I was a fat little chested teen.. and he was screwing drop dead gorgeous playboy models… lol


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